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Is world famous for two things:

1. The story is ASTOUNDING and difficult to believe
2. The story is TRUE!

The Burnelli story fits the classic story series

for example,

85% of the people who die in most airplane crashes
would be alive
if the planes were of Burnelli Design

And yet

The Burnelli design has been deliberately suppressed!
Who is responsible for this crime? ... And Why?
The story is unbelievable and TRUE!
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Truth IS Stranger Than Fiction

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On this site, we'll show you a design of which NINE planes were successfully built and flown between 1921 and 1946 and whose principal characteristics make it:
  • more survivable
  • more efficient
  • cheaper to build
  • lessens accident risks
  • more comfortable
  • than the aircraft we fly in today. 

    Throughout this site we'll explain why the conventional aircraft is not crashworthy and hardly survivable in case of accidents - pictures and diagrams accompany our explanations for the sake of clarity.

    We'll also provide you with all the evidence you need to conclusively prove that not only is aviation run as a monopoly but that this industry willfully kills people every year by doing everything in its power to suppress a design now over 78 years old that could save people's lives, among others, these are:

  • Department of Defense, Secretary Cohen,
  • National Transportation Safety Board Chairman, James Hall,
  • NASA Administrator, Daniel Goldin
  • to name just three (there are more). In the private sector we have BOEING, now almost a monopoly by itself, having gobbled up McDonnell Douglas, engaging in joint ventures with Lockheed and Bell to mention just two. And in the so-called non-profit sector, the:
    • Flight Safety Foundation
    • International Airline Passenger Association
    • Smithsonian Air & Space Museum
    And in the so-called Non-Governmental Organizations sector, the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) has honored Jerome Lederer who is directly responsible for perpetuating the conventional design at the expense of many innocent lives. Mr. Lederer was head of the so-called "Flight Safety Foundation" for more than a decade.
    What have they done?
    For example, since early September 1999, NTSB Chairman James Hall has refused to answer the question below and indeed the NTSB has never made any meaningful disclosure regarding this question:

    "Why has the NTSB failed to recognize that the cause of most aircrash fatalities is due to the fundamental flaws which are inherent in conventional airliners?"

    It is the NTSB's duty to make recommendations to improve aircraft safety (among other modes of transportation). Why are they refusing to answer this question?
    Secretary of Defense Cohen: Despite overwhelming proof that the technical asseverations in the 1941 USAAC report which condemns the Burnelli design are false, Secretary of Defense Cohen has repeatedly refused to retract them.  His continued refusal is perpetuating the conspiracy against Burnelli which has already cost the lives of thousands of aircrew during World War II and additional thousands of air traveler's lives since then.  Secretary Cohen has even refused the Burnelli offer to accept the testimony, under oath, of the defense department's most senior aeronautical engineer with regard to the veracity of the 1941 report.  This is a blatant insult to the American people and evidences the depth of the corruption discussed on this site.
    NASA, under the leadership of Daniel S. Goldin keeps repeating that one of their engineers conceived the lifting-body principle of design despite the fact that Vincent J. Burnelli not only reduced the idea to practice in 1921 but was granted many patents surrounding this principle of design from the 1920s until his death in 1964.  
    The Smithsonian, under Ira M. Heyman, is aiding and abetting NASA by excluding Mr. Burnelli from the Smithsonian Book of Flight and distorting the truth about Mr. Burnelli and his many inventions and contributions in its other publications.  
    The Flight Safety Foundation , like the NTSB hasn't reported on the fundamental flaws of the conventional aircraft, we believe their job is to cover up for the flaws of the conventional design and refuse to recognize the unique safety values of the Burnelli lifting-body principle of design.
    The International Airline Passengers Association refuses to tell its members that a safer aircraft exists! One wonders why one would be a member of that organization if it doesn't look after it's members best interest!
    Overview track
    The correspondence between the Burnelli Company and these organizations is provided on the main site.  We sincerely hope that you will consider starting with the Overview as this will give you the context to understand the magnitude of the corruption and the persistence of the Burnelli Company to find a way to resolve this problem. 
    IF you read nothing else, read the six pages of the Overview (which starts on to the left under PURPOSE) because it will be the most efficient manner for you to spend your time at this site.
    Please, remember:
    You could easily become discouraged by what you read here.  Discouragement comes from the view that we are powerless because what we do is inconsequential and therefore useless.  No matter how small our contribution, every little bit helps.  Like the billions of drops of water which flowed across Arizona, each one did a very small part in eroding the land eventually forming the Grand Canyon.  Won't you also consider being a small drop?  After visiting this site, please tell your friends about what you've learned here / pass along this web-site address.  Thank you!  

    Purpose of Web-Site:

    1) Expose the frailties of the conventional airliners.

    All you need to ask yourself is: "if I'm in an aircraft and that aircraft has an accident, what are my chances of surviving the crash?" You know in your heart that those chances are very low. Why? We've all seen what happens in aircraft accidents -- few or no survivors. And if there are any survivors, the media and everyone else calls it a miracle.

    Aircraft manufacturers, the media and airlines all claim that flying is the safest mode of transportation.

    Dallas Times Herald 
  picture  of  crash

    American Airlines DC-10,

        Chicago 1979

        "On the average, about 300 persons a year die in commercial air crashes in the United States, while thousands of children are killed in accidents, most of them in and around the home. And yet, we feel in our bones that flying is dangerous and it is. .... When airlines say they have records of '100 million passenger-miles without an accident,' the implication is that all those miles were equally hazardous, which is preposterous. Most accidents happen in and around airports, so the distance between takeoff and landing does not count for very much."

    Professor Cantilli, Newsday 12/12/82

    In other words, if you total distances traveled by airplanes around airports, bus and intercity buses and trains are safer than flying commercial aircraft and if you total annual deaths due to transportation, subways are safer than flying. So much for the myth of flying-as-safest-mode-of-transportation!

    "What is known is that far too many people die in plane crashes because they have not been given a reasonable chance of surviving. "

    Professor Cantilli, Newsday 12/12/82

    Staged Boeing 720 Crash - Edwards AFB - Animation

    Cars, at the opposite extreme of commercial aircraft have experienced millions of accidents over the years since their invention. However, every year, car accidents become more survivable because car manufacturers make improvements to the design of cars. Accidents happen, car manufacturers have recognized. The industry, the NTSB and the FAA (both lackeys of the industry) as well as the tax-free foundations such as the AIAA (American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics) and the FSF (Flight Safety Foundation), don't recognize this fact of life and they are striving to deny its very existence by setting a 'zero accident' goal without making any improvements to aircraft design.


    Flight 191 carcass
    Don't we all have a 'zero accident' goal? Isn't that the very nature of accidents, that they're unintentional or unexpected happenings?! By studying the issue you can greatly reduce their occurrence but you can never COMPLETELY prevent them from happening.

    In other words, in terms of fuselage design, we are flying in newly built 60-year-old technology which doesn't protect us adequately during a crash. When you buy a new car, do you want to buy the latest, most advanced technology which will protect you in a crash or would you prefer to buy one of those East-German two-stroke cars built with 1950's technology (and hardly any crash-worthiness)? We thought so.


    2) Document the existence of a safe & more efficient design for over 60 years.

    Improved survivability has existed in a design called the Lifting Body for over 70 years. That design was conceived and first reduced to practice by Vincent Justus Burnelli in the early 1921 with the RB-1. Nine other Burnelli planes were built over the years through 1945. Burnelli RB-2 over Long Island,  NY 1924

    The documentation shows that a conspiracy (note: this is not a theory) has prevented the Burnelli Company from building its superior and safer lifting body aircraft since 1941. This web-site will show you a great (and growing) number of documents proving our allegations.


    3) Expose the conspiracy that has prevented safe design from being built.

    You will see that the conspiracy started as far back as 1917 and continues unabated to this day. It involves most of the large aircraft manufacturers, the Smithsonian, the Department of Defense, NASA and numerous tax-free foundations and associations who pose as independent groups but really act on behalf of an enormously powerful cartel.

    This web-site also documents lies such as NASA's claim that their Dr. Eggers conceived the Lifting Body by studying the airflow over nose cones of missiles in 1957 -- no less than 37 years after Mr. Burnelli first reduced the Lifting Body to a flying aircraft!
    Gov't preaches

        ... gov't practices... quote.

    One of the Burnelli Supporters recently spoke with an FAA official who confirmed that Burnelli was being prevented from building anything for political reasons, not technical ones.


    4) Promote the design principle / technology to stop the senseless loss of life.

    Without adequate promotion of this principle of design and without your help, the senseless loss of life will continue and the criminals responsible will literally get away with murder.


    5) About this Web Site

    This web site is made available as a public service; it is dedicated to making flying safer by shining a spotlight on the evidence of corruption and moral turpitude which runs rampant amongst the people and organizations who currently control.

    This web site is sponsored by the Burnelli Supporters Association, a loose association of people dedicated to exposing the truth so as to not only make flying safer but return us to a free economy.

    This site is mirrored in Europe and in North America for ease, speed of access, and redundancy.

     You too can become a Burnelli Supporter, write to us at




    "One of the main reasons [for the injuries and the deaths] is that aircraft manufacturers have concentrated on 'airworthiness' and ignored 'crash-worthiness.' Airplanes are primarily designed and built to withstand air pressure and turbulence, but tests are rarely conducted to find out what happens to a plane and the people in it when it hits the ground, a body of water, or an immovable structure, such as the 14th Street Bridge in Washington, D. C.

    Pictures of two Sabena

    planes after taxi-speed collision

    The hundreds of people who have been killed this year in "survivable" airplane accidents have died not because death was unavoidable; they have died because the airplane they were traveling in was too flimsy, because their seats and seat belts did not hold, because fire was almost inevitable and because, in a fire, many materials used inside the airplane produced toxic fumes."


    accidents - the weakness of the conventional fuselage The quote above is from: Edmund Cantilli, in an article which appeared in Newsday Magazine in December 1982. At the time Cantilli wrote this article he was Professor of Transportation Planning and Engineering at the Polytechnic Institute of New York. At the time he was and remains today Executive Director of the nonprofit Institute for Safety in Transportation,.



    The Burnelli Lifting Body is the SAFEST type of aircraft, providing better protection for passengers and crew. Like in cars, maintaining the integrity of the structure in an accident is vital. On the conventional aircraft a mere 15% of the aircraft structure surrounds the passengers. On the lifting body 65% of the aircraft structure surrounds passengers thus more structure = more strength = more safety. The lifting body design has more structure around the passenger without any penalty in payload due to its very name, the body / fuselage carries much of its own weight.

    This is not merely theory, it has been proven. Furthermore, common sense and engineering principles will confirm that a strong fuselage which protects passengers during a crash will prevent most deaths when compared to the current alternative. A Burnelli UB-14 crash in 1935 at 130 mph proved the fact. [Click here for Video(+audio) of Crash - 2 MB] (Video tape is better in quality - see VIDEO in the Introduction section of main site for more info on how to get video.) [Click here for Crash Report]

    Lifting Body v. Conventional aircraft structural comparison

    The Burnelli Lifting Body is also THE MOST EFFICIENT means of air transportation. Every year engineers who have never heard of Mr. Burnelli or of his Lifting Body try to "re-invent" the principle!

    In 1920, Mr. Burnelli conceived the idea of replacing the dead weight conventional fuselage with an aerofoil fuselage which would provide its own lift and not be entirely dependent upon the outboard wing panels. This revolutionary invention was pregnant with many highly beneficial side effects which are detailed throughout the pages of this web site.

    In 1947, NACA (now NASA) conducted wind tunnel testing on a Burnelli design and concluded that there was no significant advantage to the Lifting Body. This was an outright lie. The report should have ended like this: Lifting Body v. Conventional aircraft lift comparison

    "While the aerodynamic study showed similar cruising speeds for the Burnelli and the conventional designs for a given power, the Burnelli design provided virtually double the payload, double the internal cubic volume and double the usable floor area. The Burnelli design showed take-off and landing speeds considerably less than the conventional. Furthermore, the Burnelli configuration showed that the fuselage contained approx. 65% of the aircraft structure, which served to offer a safety cage to protect the occupants in the event of a crash. Also, the engines and landing gear, the major fire sources, are attached to the robust fuselage, isolating them from close proximity to the fuel supply. Low take-off and landing speeds mean less stress on the tires, low noise level on take-offs and the ability to use short runways, therefore, drastically increasing safety. The economic benefits accruing from these many important Burnelli features are huge."

    In terms of safety, the conventional aircraft is a disaster when it comes to fuel alone. Fuel is stored in the wings, directly above the sources of flame (the engines) and under the passengers in the center of the aircraft (this was the fuel tank which exploded in TWA Flight #800). Some of the newer aircraft even store fuel in the horizontal tail fins. In case of accident, passengers are surrounded by fuel - alongside and behind and below (when gravity and the directional momentum of the aircraft are taken into account, this leads to most passengers being encircled by burning fuel.

    aircraft fuel location diagram / Top view

    In case the landing gear of a conventional jet collapses during a landing or a crash, the aircraft is going down the runway on its belly. With the engines and landing gear in direct line with the fuel spill from the wings or center tank rupture, ignition is only a matter of time.


    aircraft fuel location diagram / Head-on view

    On Burnelli aircraft, the fuel tanks are only in the wings, with no fuel under or behind the passengers. The landing-gear is retracted into the body which is the main structure of the aircraft. Furthermore, the engines are on the top rear-most portion of the aircraft, away from the fuel tanks. All of the most volatile components have been isolated.

    Lifting Body aircraft fuel location diagram / Top view

    Unlike it's conventional "counterpart," the Burnelli designed airplane, in the case of a crash or landing-gear collapse, will be riding down the runway on a flat fuselage. The fuel is safely stored in the wings. During a crash landing, the engines, at the back of the aircraft, don't get ripped off the wings and consequently don't cause a fire.


    Lifting Body aircraft fuel location diagram / Head-on view


    Nine of Burnelli's airplanes were built between 1921 and 1945, more were designed but never built. The Burnelli CBY-3, built in 1945, was the last to be built even though its performance was outstanding.
  CBY-3  flying  circa  1945

    Vincent Justus Burnelli, in 1963, also designed supersonic aircraft such as the one depicted below, the GB-888A.


    In 1917, at the break of the first World War, a small group of bankers & financiers saw the potential for colossal profits in aviation and formed a cartel, a monopoly which was in the 1920s and 1930s referred to as the Air Trust. Anyone who belonged to the Air Trust would pool their patents for their mutual benefit but they went one step further, they made a deal with certain officials of the United States Government to steal patents from inventors who did not belong to the cartel. This theft was implemented by the insertion of a "save-harmless-clause" in government procurement contracts with favored companies.
    Burnelli GB-888A supersonic aircraft

      "The save harmless clause is in fact simply an authority granted by officials of the United States to certain private aircraft manufacturers to steal boldly and deliberately the patents of any inventor whose patent appliances the air trust may desire to use or may find necessary in its continued hold on the Government's pocketbook!"

      Mr. Nelson of Wisconsin, Congressional Record [2 MB PDF]
      1st Session, 68th Congress, Jan. 29, 1924, pg. 1630 [264K PDF]

    The cartel still exists as does the 'save harmless clause' and the method of stealing inventions hasn't changed as is witnessed by the 1984 McDonnell Douglas letter and the 1963 Boeing letter.



    What are political motivations for keeping the Burnelli Lifting Body from flying commercially?

    Before we proceed:

    1. What is politics? Politics is the application pressure to affect desired economic outcome(s) or the "...use of intrigue or strategy in obtaining any position of power or control" (Random House Dictionary of the English Language, College Edition, Random House, New York, 1968)
    2. What is a crime? A crime may be defined to be any act done in violation of those duties which an individual owes to the community.
    3. What is one of the primary elements a detective looks for when trying to solve a crime? He looks for 'who gained' from the crime. (follow the money)

    Keep the above in mind while you read.

    If you've read the page from the Congressional Record, (downloadable above), you understand that a small group of bankers & financiers and other characters (some: manufacturers, others: manufacturers-to-be) set up a cartel in 1917.

    When you read further into this web-site, in particular, when you look at the Carisi report which is found in the Suppression Section, you'll see that the structural cost of building a Burnelli airframe is half that of the conventional, further, McDonnell Douglas says their Burnelli type Blended Wing Body (BWB) megajet burns 30% less fuel than a conventional jet of equal size.

    Burnelli 1951 aircraft v. 1995 McDonnell Douglas Megajet

    Further, according to Boeing, with similar power, their twin engine Burnelli type B-754 had a maximum containerized payload of 160,000 lbs., while the B-767 could only carry less than half, 72,770 lbs., non containerized. In short, the Burnelli type could carry more than double the payload and fly it 1,200 nautical miles further than the B- 767!

    • All the advantages are there right?
    • Nope. It all depends on who you are and how you gain!
    • Who owns the majority of aircraft today? Airlines?
    • No!
    • Banks?
    • YEP. (either directly or indirectly - through financing and leasing companies).
    The never built Boeing 754

    The cost of each aircraft is astronomical hence most aircraft are leased from banks (who own their own leasing companies) and if they're not leased, the Airline is paying the bank on the loan for the purchase of the aircraft. So you're the bank, do you make more money on a $150 million aircraft or one costing substantially less? You got it. In addition, if you stay with the conventional aircraft, don't you get to make loans on TWICE as many aircraft since the Burnelli will carry twice the payload and cost nearly half as much to build? In addition, due to higher take-off and landing speeds you can't build airliners carrying 800-passengers without having to lengthen runways all over the world.

    Who gains? If the airlines wanted to buy Burnelli type aircraft, could they? Would the banks give them loans? Don't know, it hasn't gotten that far yet, what do you think?

    Quote by

    Margaret Meade

    We're dealing with a multi-billion dollar industry, which doesn't care one whit whether it kills several thousand people each year. They're corporations and everyone in those corporations are afraid of losing their jobs (as are those who work for the government) and so they do what they are told: what is best for the corporations ($s) and for the government (saving face) all for the benefit of the Bankers (which President Andrew Jackson had warned us about - see his warning in the Hot Topics section under Index). Those who have the courage to speak up get tossed out or are run over roughshod as was Rodney Stich, a former FAA inspector who has recounted his many run-ins with FAA management over blatant safety violations only to be told to retract his report or face transfer or worse.

    U.S. News

    & World Report quote regarding the FAA



    The Burnelli design has been suppressed for the last 60 years via a number of means all of which focus on denying the Burnelli Company both access to money and access to the public (Thank God for Internet).  More specifically, here is how it has been done.

    1. Fraudulent 1941 Army Air Force Board of Review Report which alleges a number of false conclusions such as: "c. That the Burnelli emphasis upon the 'lifting fuselage' is not in accordance with best aeronautical practice based upon best aerodynamic information..." and ends with: "The Committee recommends that the Air Corps inform both the Central Aircraft Corporation and V.J. Burnelli Airplanes, Inc., and any other concern which may later possible become interested in the Burnelli 'lifting fuselage', that this design is of no interest to the Air Corps and that for this reason, no further correspondence, consultations, or reviewing of data embodying this design will ever again be considered by the Air Corps or the Materiel Division." [emphasis added]
    US Army

    Air Force Proceedings of a Board of Review / Burnelli / 1941


    1948 Burnelli

    Fighter, reproduced in Airtrails Pictorial magazine, August 1951
      1. This report has been used over the years to deny the Burnelli Company the ability to issue publicly traded stocks to finance the manufacture of aircraft and any other type of loan and seriously impedes it from even selling its stock privately.

      1. This report has been used by every governmental entity approached on the subject to deny the validity of the Lifting Body principle and Secretary Cohen, in response to a letter from the Burnelli Company to retract the fraudulent report stated through his Associate Deputy Assistant Secretary (Dept of Air Force - Jack L. Blackhurst, Col. USAF): "I...cannot find any new information that would provide justification for overturning the findings of the 1941 U.S. Army Air Corps report concerning Burnelli aircraft designs"!


    1. The political dominance by the aviation cartel has not been restricted to the United States.

      1. In 1962, Mr. Goodlin of the Burnelli Company met with Dr. Gabrielli, Director of Fiat Aviation in Turin, Italy. Dr. Gabrielli stated that "we know that Burnelli is a superior design, and we would love to build them, but Fiat's largest customer is NATO, and Fiat cannot afford to get involved in a dispute between Burnelli and the Pentagon"!

      2. In 1983, Deutsche Airbus invited Mr. Goodlin to a meeting in Hamburg at which Airbus' chief design engineer, Dr. Klug, said: "The only way to meaningfully improve air transport safety and economy is to implement the lifting body design." Soon afterwards, however, the Chairman of Deutsche Airbus, Dr. Franz Josef Strauss, advised Mr. Goodlin: "I am sorry, but Burnelli has an American problem, and it must be resolved in the United States."

      These examples show the universal nature and totality of the Burnelli conspiracy which has deprived air travelers and the American taxpayer of safer, superior and less costly Burnelli technology since 1940. They prove that free enterprise is a sick joke. In reality we are ruled by a malevolent few who employ institutionalized tyranny and outright fascism to maintain their monopoly.
      Richard Mayburry

    Quote on Fascism

    2. The media in general, refuses to print anything about Burnelli. Few publications have had the courage to publish articles about Burnelli. It is however, simply amazing how many magazines publish lies even after having been apprized of the facts. Read this web-site carefully then look at Aerospace magazines, you'll see that for the most part they keep repeating 'the party line'.

    3. The media has to our knowledge NEVER asked if there wasn't a way to make airliners safer. Of course, if you look at who owns the media (See House Congressional Record of February 9, 1917, pages 2947 and 2948. [490K / PDF file],) you'll find that it is once again a very small group of very powerful people.


    Front view

    of Burnelli CBY-3 on the tarmac




    In conclusion, we've spent thousands of hours setting up this web-site to show you how a few malevolent monopolists have manipulated commerce and caused history to be falsified to cover-up their misdeeds and thereby not only deprive the public of superior technology but kill hundreds if not thousands needlessly every year. They have done this while technology has existed for over 60 years that could have spared many lives and saved the American public several astronomical fortunes -- and that is only the tip of the iceberg. What about other technologies?

    1972 McDonnell Douglas F-15 compared to 1947 Burnelli Fighter

      "... this Texas inventor [Mr. Burnelli] is just one of the many such inventors Nation-wide whose great contributions and inventive genius have been smothered in every way possible by these monopolistic groups. We found that what applied to the cross licensing and patent pooling in the monopolistic aircraft field, also applied with equal force to the fields of radio, telephone, telegraph, television, oil-cracking processes, shoe manufacturing, medical instruments, and so forth."

      Mr. McFarlane, Congressional Record [800K PDF]
      1st Session, 75th Congress, April 30, 1937, pg. 4063 [315K PDF]

    Today, Mr. Burnelli's designs and technology are used in his competitors most sophisticated military aircraft contracted for by the US Government, all products of the 'save harmless clause.' Burnelli's repeated offers to license Boeing, Lockheed and Northrop to build civilian and military aircraft embracing Burnelli technology have always been refused. Consequently, Mr. Burnelli's technology has not been used in civilian aircraft because aircraft manufacturers do not have the 'privilege' of being protected by the government in the theft of Burnelli proprietary and intellectual property rights. The manufacturers apparently don't want to acknowledge Mr. Burnelli's genius and their criminality in stifling the natural evolution of superior Burnelli technology since the mid-1930s. Their criminality has resulted in the waste of many hundreds of billions of dollars of taxpayer monies on dangerous obsolete aircraft technology and the unnecessary deaths of thousands of air-travelers. This travesty can only be described as a crime against humanity.

    Why should you care?

    1) Every time you get on an airliner you are playing a type of Russian roulette, if an accident should occur your chances of survival are very slim and every time you fly you spend far more than you would have if Mr. Burnelli's technology had been implemented in the 1930s when his great genius was already recognized by the great deans of aeronautics.

    2) The cartel conspiracy flies in the face of everything America stands for, in particular, Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.


    an incredible likeness to the 1947 Burnelli Fighter

    What has been done so far?

    The Burnelli Company has been waging a seemingly endless battle with government agencies, with manufacturers, with so-called pro-safety non-profit foundations to overturn the situation. This web-site documents much of that battle and as time goes on, more will be added.

    Many others have helped. Over the years, people on the inside have leaked reports such as the U.S. Army Transportation Materiel Command report on the AC-1 which mysteriously appeared in the Burnelli Company's mail (Burnelli had competed for the contract and the AC-1 had 'won', the report showed what 'dogs' both the AC-1A and its projected replacement the AC-II were.) Others have told their friends and family, others still have written letters to people in (so-called) high office and several help by making speeches at the various clubs they belong to, exposing this conspiracy. Others have had cards printed with the web-site address and distribute them to friends and everywhere they go. Store owners have placed these cards on counters for customers to take etc. etc. It doesn't require much effort, just a little initiative.


    Evaluation of Medium Transport Aircraft Report cover

    Among really famous people, General Billy Mitchell did his best to expose the Air Trust for what it truly is. (His Biography, and his Dec 5, 1934 and Jan. 7, 1936 letters expressing his recognition of Burnelli's plight are found on the web-site under More in the Index.) Contrarily to several of his less visible supporters (9 members of Congress who opened inquiries into this matter died from various causes at a premature ages,) Mitchell died in bed, probably due to the stress caused by his long running battle with the Air Trust. He died undefeated but as yet unsuccessful. Let's finish Mitchell's valiant quest to protect Life (Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness - the foundations of our country).

    Would you please help?

    Would you help clean up the evil Burnelli, Mitchell, Goodlin and so many others have, so far unsuccessfully, been fighting? We'll only get it done with numbers.

    1960 4cent US stamp w/ quote by Thomas Jefferson

    If you care about safety in air travel, if you care about freedom and liberty, PLEASE tell everyone you know about this web-site. If you ever call in to Radio Shows, please talk about what you've read on the web-site and please mention the address of the web-site. Please write letters to the Editors of the publications you read (send us copies of your letters and of any responses) ... let's get the public at large informed! If you can't do everything listed above, please choose one thing ... every little bit helps. Finally, email us at and subscribe to our very low volume email list [fill out subject line with 'subscribe'] which will keep you informed of new developments and will be something you can then easily forward to your friends and acquaintances. Please HELP, for you, for me, for everyone .... for Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

    Further, the Nuremberg trials established that 'obeying orders' is not an excuse when the order is clearly in violation of universal law, a crime against humanity. This web-site exposes numerous crimes: If you have knowledge of crimes related to the subject matter of this web-site, if you are 'obeying orders' to further such crimes, if you are keeping silent so that such crimes may be furthered, you too are a criminal. If you have knowledge of crimes, don't be a criminal, don't let people die needlessly, come forward, let the truth be known. Contact us at or send snail mail to: Burnelli Supporters Association, P.O.Box 276, Capitola, California 95010. We will respect your privacy and/or your anonymity.


    Billy Mitchell quote

    "I have stated repeatedly that the trend in this country is toward a fascist system with communist slogans. But what all of today's pressure groups are busy evading is the fact that neither business nor labor nor anyone else, except the ruling clique, gains anything under fascism or communism or any form of statism-- that all become victims of an impartial, egalitarian destruction."
    "The Moratorium on Brains" Ayn Rand Letter, I, 3, 3.
    Burnelli is but the tip of the iceberg, it is most probably one of the best-documented cases of suppression and through this suppression/conspiracy we see the forces of tyranny and fascism or corporate socialism (whatever you may call it, it's intent is to rob you of everything) looming heavily on the horizon. The conspiracy, the cartel of which Burnelli is but one of the victims, is but an analogy for what is happening across the board, across the world, a tightening of the reins of power into even fewer hands than ever before. This is an urgent wake-up call! When tyranny has finally closed its grip completely you will have no opportunity to voice your opinion, no opportunity to make changes, only the obligation to pay ... and pay ... and pay ... .

    "The penalty good men pay for indifference
    to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men."

    - Plato


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