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Purpose of Web-Site:

1) Expose the frailties of the conventional airliners.

All you need to ask yourself is: "if I'm in an aircraft and that aircraft has an accident, what are my chances of surviving the crash?" You know in your heart that those chances are very low. Why? We've all seen what happens in aircraft accidents -- few or no survivors. And if there are any survivors, the media and everyone else calls it a miracle.

Aircraft manufacturers, the media and airlines all claim that flying is the safest mode of transportation.

Dallas Times Herald 
    picture of crash

American Airlines DC-10,

        Chicago 1979

      "On the average, about 300 persons a year die in commercial air crashes in the United States, while thousands of children are killed in accidents, most of them in and around the home. And yet, we feel in our bones that flying is dangerous and it is. .... When airlines say they have records of '100 million passenger-miles without an accident,' the implication is that all those miles were equally hazardous, which is preposterous. Most accidents happen in and around airports, so the distance between takeoff and landing does not count for very much."

Professor Cantilli, Newsday 12/12/82

In other words, if you total distances traveled by airplanes around airports, bus and intercity buses and trains are safer than flying commercial aircraft and if you total annual deaths due to transportation, subways are safer than flying. So much for the myth of flying-as-safest-mode-of-transportation!

"What is known is that far too many people die in plane crashes because they have not been given a reasonable chance of surviving. "

Professor Cantilli, Newsday 12/12/82

Staged Boeing 720 Crash - Edwards AFB - Animation

Cars, at the opposite extreme of commercial aircraft have experienced millions of accidents over the years since their invention. However, every year, car accidents become more survivable because car manufacturers make improvements to the design of cars. Accidents happen, car manufacturers have recognized. The industry, the NTSB and the FAA (both lackeys of the industry) as well as the tax-free foundations such as the AIAA (American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics) and the FSF (Flight Safety Foundation), don't recognize this fact of life and they are striving to deny its very existence by setting a 'zero accident' goal without making any improvements to aircraft design.


Flight 191 carcass
Don't we all have a 'zero accident' goal? Isn't that the very nature of accidents, that they're unintentional or unexpected happenings?! By studying the issue we can greatly reduce their occurrence.  We can never completely prevent them from happening, but we can seriously pursue a goal of zero deaths.

In other words, in terms of fuselage design, we are flying in newly built 60-year-old technology which doesn't protect us adequately during a crash. When you buy a new car, do you want to buy the latest, most advanced technology which will protect you in a crash or would you prefer to buy one of those East-German two-stroke cars built with 1950's technology (and hardly any crash-worthiness)? We thought so.


2) Document the existence of a safe & more efficient design for over 60 years.

Improved survivability has existed in a design called the Lifting Body for over 70 years. That design was conceived and first reduced to practice by Vincent Justus Burnelli in the early 1921 with the RB-1. Nine other Burnelli planes were built over the years through 1945. Burnelli RB-2 over Long Island,  NY 1924

The documentation shows that a conspiracy (note: this is not a theory) has prevented the Burnelli Company from building its superior and safer lifting body aircraft since 1941. This web-site will show you a great (and growing) number of documents proving our allegations.


3) Expose the conspiracy that has prevented safe design from being built.

You will see that the conspiracy started as far back as 1917 and continues unabated to this day. It involves most of the large aircraft manufacturers, the Smithsonian, the Department of Defense, NASA and numerous tax-free foundations and associations who pose as independent groups but really act on behalf of an enormously powerful cartel.

This web-site documents the lineage of Lifting Body aircraft starting in 1921 with 9 such aircraft built by Vincent Justus Burnelli through 1945. The web-site also documents lies such as NASA's claim that their Dr. Eggers conceived the Lifting Body by studying the airflow over nose cones of missiles in 1957 -- no less than 37 years after Mr. Burnelli first reduced the Lifting Body to a flying aircraft!
Gov't preaches

        ... gov't practices... quote.

One of the Burnelli Supporters recently spoke with an FAA auditor who confirmed that Burnelli was being prevented from building anything for political reasons, not technical ones.


4) Promote the design principle technology to stop the senseless loss of life.

Without adequate promotion of this principle of design and without your help, the senseless loss of life will continue and the criminals responsible will literally get away with murder.


5) About this Web Site

This web site is made available as a public service; it is dedicated to making flying safer by shining a spotlight on the evidence of corruption and moral turpitude which runs rampant amongst the people and organizations who currently control.

This web site is sponsored by the Burnelli Supporters Association, a loose association of people dedicated to exposing the truth so as to not only make flying safer but return us to a free economy.

This site is mirrored in Europe and in North America for ease, speed of access, and redundancy.

 You too can become a Burnelli Supporter, write to us at


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