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In conclusion, we've spent thousands of hours setting up this web-site to show you how a few malevolent monopolists have manipulated commerce and caused history to be falsified to cover-up their misdeeds and thereby not only deprive the public of superior technology but kill hundreds if not thousands needlessly every year. They have done this while technology has existed for over 60 years that could have spared many lives and saved the American public several astronomical fortunes -- and that is only the tip of the iceberg. What about other technologies?

1972 McDonnell Douglas F-15 compared to 1947 Burnelli Fighter

    "... this Texas inventor [Mr. Burnelli] is just one of the many such inventors Nation-wide whose great contributions and inventive genius have been smothered in every way possible by these monopolistic groups. We found that what applied to the cross licensing and patent pooling in the monopolistic aircraft field, also applied with equal force to the fields of radio, telephone, telegraph, television, oil-cracking processes, shoe manufacturing, medical instruments, and so forth."

    Mr. McFarlane, Congressional Record [800K PDF]
    1st Session, 75th Congress, April 30, 1937, pg. 4063 [315K PDF]

Today, Mr. Burnelli's designs and technology are used in his competitors' most sophisticated military aircraft contracted for by the US Government, all products of the 'save harmless clause.' Burnelli's repeated offers to license Boeing, Lockheed and Northrop to build civilian and military aircraft embracing Burnelli technology have always been refused. Consequently, Mr. Burnelli's technology has not been used in civilian aircraft because aircraft manufacturers do not have the 'privilege' of being protected by the government in the theft of Burnelli proprietary and intellectual property rights. The manufacturers apparently don't want to acknowledge Mr. Burnelli's genius and their criminality in stifling the natural evolution of superior Burnelli technology since the mid-1930s. Their criminality has resulted in the waste of many hundreds of billions of dollars of taxpayer monies on dangerous, obsolete aircraft technology and the unnecessary deaths of thousands of air travelers. This travesty can only be described as a crime against humanity.

Why should you care?

1) Every time you get on an airliner you are playing a type of Russian roulette.  If an accident should occur your chances of survival are very slim, and every time you fly you spend far more money than you would have if Mr. Burnelli's technology had been implemented in the 1930s when his great genius was already recognized by the great deans of aeronautics.

2) The cartel conspiracy flies in the face of everything America stands for, in particular, Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.


    an incredible likeness to the 1947 Burnelli Fighter

What has been done so far?

The Burnelli Company has been waging a seemingly endless battle with government agencies, with manufacturers, with so-called pro-safety non-profit foundations to overturn the situation. This web-site documents much of that battle and as time goes on, more will be added.

Many others have helped. Over the years, people on the inside have leaked reports, such as the U.S. Army Transportation Materiel Command report on the AC-1, which mysteriously appeared in the Burnelli Company's mail (Burnelli had competed for the contract and the AC-1 had 'won'; the report showed what 'dogs' both the AC-1A and its projected replacement the AC-II were.) Others have told their friends and family, others still have written letters to people in (so-called) high office, and several help by making speeches at the various clubs they belong to, exposing this conspiracy. Others have had cards printed with the web-site address and distribute them to friends and everywhere they go. Store owners have placed these cards on counters for customers to take etc., etc. It doesn't require much effort, just a little initiative.


    Evaluation of Medium Transport Aircraft Report cover

Among really famous people, General Billy Mitchell did his best to expose the Air Trust for what it truly is. (His Biography, and his Dec 5, 1934, and Jan. 7, 1936, letters expressing his recognition of Burnelli's plight, are found on the web-site under the "MORE" section in the Index.) Contrary to several of his less visible supporters (9 members of Congress who opened inquiries into this matter died from various causes at premature ages), Mitchell died in bed, probably due to the stress caused by his long-running battle with the Air Trust. He died undefeated, but as yet unsuccessful. Let's finish Mitchell's valiant quest to protect Life (and Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness - the foundations of our country).

Would you please help?

Would you help clean up the evil that Burnelli, Mitchell, Goodlin and so many others have, so far unsuccessfully, been fighting? We'll only get it done with numbers.

1960 4cent US stamp w/ quote by Thomas Jefferson

If you care about safety in air travel, if you care about freedom and liberty, PLEASE tell everyone you know about this web-site. If you ever call in to Radio Shows, please talk about what you've read on the web-site and please mention the address of the web-site. Please write letters to the Editors of the publications you read (send us copies of your letters and of any responses) ... let's get the public at large informed! If you can't do everything listed above, please choose one thing ... every little bit helps. Finally, email us at and subscribe to our very low-volume email list [fill out subject line with 'subscribe'] which will keep you informed of new developments and will be something you can then easily forward to your friends and acquaintances. Please HELP, for you, for me, for everyone .... for Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Remember that, the Nuremberg trials established that 'obeying orders' is not an excuse when the order is clearly in violation of universal law, a crime against humanity. This web-site exposes numerous crimes: If you have knowledge of crimes related to the subject matter of this web-site, if you are 'obeying orders' to further such crimes, if you are keeping silent so that such crimes may be furthered, you too are a criminal. Don't let people die needlessly, come forward, let the truth be known. Contact us at or send snail mail to: Burnelli Supporters Association, P.O.Box 276, Capitola, California 95010.  We will respect your privacy and/or your anonymity.


    Billy Mitchell quote

"I have stated repeatedly that the trend in this country is toward a fascist system with communist slogans. But what all of today's pressure groups are busy evading is the fact that neither business nor labor nor anyone else, except the ruling clique, gains anything under fascism or communism or any form of statism-- that all become victims of an impartial, egalitarian destruction."
"The Moratorium on Brains" Ayn Rand Letter, I, 3, 3.
Burnelli is but the tip of the iceberg, it is most probably one of the best-documented cases of suppression and through this suppression/conspiracy we see the forces of tyranny and fascism or corporate socialism (whatever you may call it, it's intent is to rob you of everything) looming heavily on the horizon. The conspiracy, the cartel of which Burnelli is but one of the victims, is but an analogy for what is happening across the board, across the world, a tightening of the reins of power into even fewer hands than ever before. This is an urgent wake-up call! When tyranny has finally closed its grip completely you will have no opportunity to voice your opinion, no opportunity to make changes, only the obligation to pay ... and pay ... and pay ... .

"The penalty good men pay for indifference
to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men."

- Plato


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