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The Burnelli design has been suppressed for the last 60 years via a number of means all of which focus on denying the Burnelli Company both access to money and access to the public (Thank God for Internet).  More specifically, here is how it has been done.

  1. Fraudulent 1941 Army Air Force Board of Review Report which alleges a number of false conclusions such as: "c. That the Burnelli emphasis upon the 'lifting fuselage' is not in accordance with best aeronautical practice based upon best aerodynamic information..." and ends with: "The Committee recommends that the Air Corps inform both the Central Aircraft Corporation and V.J. Burnelli Airplanes, Inc., and any other concern which may later possibly become interested in the Burnelli 'lifting fuselage', that this design is of no interest to the Air Corps and that for this reason, no further correspondence, consultations, or reviewing of data embodying this design will ever again be considered by the Air Corps or the Materiel Division." [emphasis added]
US Army

    Air Force Proceedings of a Board of Review / Burnelli / 1941
    1. This report has been used over the years to deny the Burnelli Company the ability to issue1948 Burnelli

    Fighter, reproduced in Airtrails Pictorial magazine, August 1951 publicly traded stocks to finance the manufacture of aircraft, or to get any other type of loan and seriously impedes it from even selling its stock privately.

    1. This report has been used by every governmental entity approached on the subject to deny the validity of the Lifting Body principle.  Current Secretary of Defense, Cohen, in response to a letter from the Burnelli Company asking him to retract the fraudulent report, stated through his Associate Deputy Assistant Secretary (Dept of Air Force - Jack L. Blackhurst, Col. USAF): "I...cannot find any new information that would provide justification for overturning the findings of the 1941 U.S. Army Air Corps report concerning Burnelli aircraft designs"!


  1. The political dominance by the aviation cartel has not been restricted to the United States.

    1. In 1962, Mr. Goodlin of the Burnelli Company met with Dr. Gabrielli, Director of Fiat Aviation in Turin, Italy. Dr. Gabrielli stated that "we know that Burnelli is a superior design, and we would love to build them, but Fiat's largest customer is NATO, and Fiat cannot afford to get involved in a dispute between Burnelli and the Pentagon"!

    2. In 1983, Deutsche Airbus invited Mr. Goodlin to a meeting in Hamburg at which Airbus' chief design engineer, Dr. Klug, said: "The only way to meaningfully improve air transport safety and economy is to implement the lifting body design." Soon afterwards, however, the Chairman of Deutsche Airbus, Dr. Franz Josef Strauss, advised Mr. Goodlin: "I am sorry, but Burnelli has an American problem, and it must be resolved in the United States."

    These examples show the universal nature and totality of the Burnelli conspiracy which has deprived air travelers and the American taxpayer of safer, superior and less costly Burnelli technology since 1940. They prove that free enterprise is a sick joke. In reality we are ruled by a malevolent few who employ institutionalized tyranny and outright fascism to maintain their monopoly.
    Richard Mayburry

    Quote on Fascism

  2. The media, in general, refuses to print anything about Burnelli. Few publications have had the courage to publish articles about Burnelli. It is however, simply amazing how many magazines publish lies even after having been apprised of the facts. Read this web-site carefully then look at Aerospace magazines, you'll see that for the most part they keep repeating 'the party line'.

  3. The media has to our knowledge NEVER asked if there wasn't a way to make airliners safer. Of course, if you look at who owns the media (See House Congressional Record of February 9, 1917, pages 2947 and 2948. [490K / PDF file],) you'll find that it is once again a very small group of very powerful people.


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