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Media Distorts Facts - again.

American Airlines Crash 1420

at Little Rock, Arkansas - June 1, 1999

by Rick Constant

American Airlines Flight 1420

USA Today of July 12, 1999 states in part: "Of the 11 people who died in Little Rock, four perished not from the impact or the fire but from breathing toxic smoke." This is a prime example of how the media attempts to distort facts. If they wanted to merely say that four people had died from smoke they could have said: "Of the 11 people who died in Little Rock, four perished from smoke." But then we would have wondered what happened to the 7 others! By writing the sentence as they did, the reader is left with the impression that there was no fire or at least that it played no role in the deaths of the passengers. This begs the question: where does smoke come from? Have we really become so stupid that they think they can get away with this sort of nonsense?

Furthermore, the USA TODAY article mentioned above states: "But it is clear that the rush to escape the burning jet was fraught with delays, malfunctioning equipment and erratic human behavior, a USA TODAY examination found." Let's examine this sentence:

  • 'fraught with delays'? Did the seats pull lose from their flimsy attachment to the floor (not the main structure) and make it difficult or impossible to move about? Did overhead luggage bins pull lose, hampering exit? Did the structural damage to the plane make it difficult to find a way out?

  • 'malfunctioning equipment'? What equipment is necessary to remove oneself from a burning plane whose undercarriage has collapsed (and the engines or the under-carriage rupturing the fuel tanks)?

  • 'erratic human behavior'? Isn't this the logical conclusion of the first two problems? By finishing the sentence by 'erratic human behavior' it leaves the reader with the impression that these poor people couldn't save themselves even though their lives depended on it. This was in fact true, they couldn't save themselves and their lives depended on it, but it wasn't due to any fault on their part.

Flight 1420 is simply another example of the lack of crashworthiness of conventional airliners; fragile fuselage and the irresponsible conventional practice of hanging landing gear and/or engines on fuel tank supporting structure in combination with excessively high take-off and landing speeds on over-stressed tires - a perfect recipe for fiery disaster.

The Little Rock crash, it must be remembered, was nothing more than overrunning the runway and hitting a post. If running into a field with a car or bus, hitting a post and coming to a halt meant the complete destruction of a car or bus and resulted in a fire breaking out, the manufacturer of that vehicle would be sued instantly for gross negligence or other charge of fraud and malfeasance. Why don't air-crash victims' lawyers ever sue the manufacturer on the basis that a safer design has existed for over 60 years [see]? Has this been simple ignorance or concerted acquired ignorance?

Please don't let ignorance kill more people, pass this along to as many people as you can, write to your congressman and your lawyer and tell them that to learn the facts about the monumental criminal negligence perpetrated by the aircraft cartel for the last sixty years, to view -- and ask them what they're going to do about it.


[For more information on how the media uses language to mislead readers see the "Media 101" file at: - Size: 158K]


Nothing new for Passengers: 

Airlines Dictate,
Passengers pay and do as they are told - period.

by Rick Constant

It is no wonder that there are more incidents with what the airlines call 'unruly' passengers. Airlines and the industry in general view the flying public as a captive market which pays for and does everything it is told - at any cost, including their lives.

For example, last winter thousands of people were stranded at the airport and in airplanes - some for up to 12 hours. This happened at Northwest's Detroit Metropolitan Airport because of a snowstorm which apparently caught the airline by surprise - this in the age of satellite imagery and high-tech weather forecasting equipment in an industry where bad weather has severe consequences?

During this episode, hundreds were trapped in airplanes without food, with toilet facilities overflowing - some for up to twelve hours. There is no excuse for this kind of treatment. If jail-birds were treated in like manner it would be called cruel and unusual punishment but a recent Transportation Department report merely ruled that Northwest "violated no federal regulations."

Richard Shelby, Chairman of the Senate Appropriations transportation subcommittee (R-Ala.) who had sponsored a 'passenger-rights' provision for a Fiscal 2000 transportation bill dropped the provision thanks to the heavy handed lobbying by the airlines. Aviation Week and Space Technology of June 7, 1999 (p. 23) quotes him as saying that his decision came "after so many visits by airline representatives that his office 'felt like it was a chalet at the Paris air show."

If the American people are willing - as they have been thus far - to put up with this kind of abuse they will continue being treated like sheep and die when they could have lived because they failed to demand what was rightfully theirs. After all, who pays for all of this?

It is up to the passengers to demand their rights for proper service and air transport safety. There is a safer alternative to conventional airliners - and at less cost - but passengers won't get it until they demand it.

Tell your representative in Congress about Demand your rights and demand that companies be allowed to compete rather than passengers being the victims of a cartel.


The Price of Political Correctness: 


By Rick Constant

Thomas Armstrong of Long Beach, California, in a letter to the editor of Aviation Week and Space Technology (July 26, 1999 p.6) quotes General Jimmy Doolittle: "The main thing that is wrong with aviation today is that somewhere along the line, we let the control of aviation get out of the hands of the aviators." and continued with: "To paraphrase: The main thing that is wrong with the industry is that we let the control of engineering get away from the engineers." (Jimmy Doolittle flew the Burnelli GX-3 in the late twenties)

Another letter (reprinted) from a 20-year Boeing employee laments the fact that engineers are not recognized for their abilities, appearance is all that counts; engineers are only to look good / say things that sound right.

Are people starting to realize that political decisions rather than cold hard scientific facts drive industry? Igor Sikorsky once said: "In science, truth is not optional," yet Boeing, NASA, the Pentagon, the Flight Safety Foundation, the A.I.A.A. to name just a few, have foresworn truth for political purposes. Manufacturers and so-called safety organizations are not dealing with the technical & safety problems with scientific solutions. Instead, they are foisting their thoughtless, politically driven reasoning - in the form of dangerous aircraft based on obsolete technology - down the throats of the public merely to satisfy a few ruling monopolists.

Ayn Rand said that no one but the ruling clique gains anything from centralized control and that all become "victims of an impartial, egalitarian destruction." (The Moratorium on Brains" Ayn Rand Letter, I, 3, 3.) In the Burnelli conspiracy, for example, the technical falsifications contained in the fraudulent 1941 report (classified until the early 60's) have led to the unnecessary indiscriminate deaths of thousands. These deaths were due to the Air Force's (D.O.D.) refusal to retract the falsifications contained in the 1941 report and accept the validity of the obviously superior Burnelli technology on record. At least in the air transport industry, the price of political correctness is not only large amounts of money but can be death.


(P.S. Why has Aviation Week & Space Technology, which prides itself as one of the better informed industry publications, steadfastly refused to print anything about Burnelli since 1948 -- especially in view of the misappropriation of Burnelli technology which appears in the F-15, F-117, F-22, B-2, X-33 and the Boeing BWB?)




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