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Evidence of Suppression and Official denial is overwhelming


Evidence of Suppression

1941 US Army Air Corps Report
Fraudulent report to reverse General H.H. Arnold's report and to forever eliminate Burnelli from competition (see Technical Reports section). It was used for almost six decades to keep The Burnelli Company from obtaining fincance to build its superior aircraft.

Department of Defense
For almost six decades the Department of Defense has refused to retract the technical falsifications of the 1941 U.S. Army Air Corps Board of Review Report (above) citing that no new information was available to give them reason to overturn - meaning that their pay-masters haven't told them they could do it.

U.S. Congress
Thus far, only one Congressman has ever had the integrity to follow up on the aircraft safety front and that was Congressman Flood in the early 1960s. Numerous other Congressmen were approached, the latest being Congressman James Traficant who is Chairman of the House Aviation Committee. Mr. Traficant has not had the courage to stand for truth, justice or aircraft safety.

New England Air Museum
Shows how the New England Air Museum has refused to restore the 1947 CBY-3 since they acquired it in 1974 and are also refusing to sell it thereby condemning the Burnelli CBY-3 to obscurity.

NASA's disinformation and money-squandering role in the conspiracy against Burnelli evidenced by their own words. They continue to make allegations regarding their Dr. Eggers having conceived of the lifting-body in 1947 when Mr. Burnelli had reduced the principle to practice twenty-seven years before and they maintain this lie even in light of their conducting wind-tunnel tests for Burnelli in the mid-forties.

Smithsonian Institution
Shows how the Smithsonian is, among others, under the thumb of Boeing. The depth and the subtelty of the deception is easy to view with the evidence presented here.

National Transportation Safety Board - is it really about safety or is it about protecting the interests of the now huge corporations such as Boeing?
In this incomplete record of Boeing's involvement in the suppression of Burnelli, we show you a letter written by a retired BOEING Vice-President stating that safety is not a concern taken into account at every step of the production process. Indeed, in view of how they've suppressed Burnelli, safety is not one of their considerations

International Airline Passengers Association or:
"IAPA's Deafening Silence"
IAPA made a valiant effort, published an article about Burnelli, shortly thereafter none of the people involved with its publication (including IAPA President James Dunne II) were anywhere to be found at IAPA.

Flight Safety Foundation
The FSF claims to be the paragon of safety but ignores great safety advancs to protect entrenched manufacturers and its own dishonnesty over the years.