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Evidence of Suppression and Official denial is overwhelming

Technical Reports

1935 - The Burnelli Aerofoil Body
Technical article by Dr. M. Watter one of the most respected men in his field explaining the advantages of the Lifting Body (he shows his calculations) - Flight Magazine and the Aircraft Engineer, Dec 1935, London, England.

1939 - General H.H. Arnold Letter
Report to the Secretary of War, Sept. 19, 1939 recommending Burnelli, this report was overturned in 1941 by the US Air Corps Board of Review with a number of falsifications.(see Evidence of Suppression section.)

1940 - C-104 Competition Figures
Following the truthful and highly complimentary General Hap Arnold letter , Burnelli was invited to enter a design competition for a prototype fighter bomber with a speed guarantee minimum of 420 mph at 25,000 feet. Here's a reproduction of the results of the official C-104 report:

1943 - Max Munk Report TD-003
Report comparing conventional fuselage with lifting-body fuselage prepared by Dr. Max Munk, Dr. Alexander Klemin with the help of Jean Roche, Chief of Airplane Design, USAF (for 43 years)

1943 - Hartney Report Recommendations
Part III - Recommendations page of the Lieut. Col. Harold E. Hartney Report to General H.H. Arnold, Chief of the U.S. Army Air Foces, dated July 3, 1943.

1952 - Structural Superiority of the Lifting-Body
Lt. Col. Richard T. Cella, USAF Res. and Master Aeronautical Engineer analyses the means of improving on the conventional aircraft and in particular not only points out the reasons why the Lifting Body is structurally superior but also claims this is the only means of achieving any significant improvement over the conventional aircraft.

1954 - Carisi Report
1954 Structural Study of the Burnelli CBY-3. Mr. Carisi, a Production Engineer, shows how the Structure of the Burnelli CBY-3 is not only more efficient but also cheaper and quicker to build.
1961 - ALPA Report
1961 Air Line Pilots Association Report which was based on a flight-test of the Burnelli CBY-3. ALPA askes the FAA to consider the Burnelli aircraft as a means of eliminating many of the causes of deaths in air crashes.
1962 - Independent Analysis
1962 Study of Lifting-Body made by independent company with accompanying graphs.