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The main point of contention, surrounding the suppression of Burnelli, is around two conflicting reports; both emitted by the U.S. Army Air Corps. The first is a glowing 1939 report recommending Burnelli Aircraft, the second is a 1941 report which was promptly classified stating that Burnelli aircraft had absolutely no value and would never be looked at again, yet today the most sophisticated and high-performance aircraft are built and projected in accordance with Burnelli principles. Why is the Pentagon refusing to acknowledge the fallacy of the classified 1941 report or retract the technical falsifications in it???

 General H. H. Arnold On September 19, 1939, General H. H. Arnold, Chief of the U. S. Army Air Corp, wrote a glowing recommendation on the Burnelli design principles to the Secretary of War wherein he concluded:

"In my opinion it is essential, in the interest of the national defense, that this procurement be authorized."


In September of 1941, the US Army Air Corps contrived a report, immediately classified, and which concluded:

"The Committee recommends that the Air Corps inform both the Central Aircraft Corporation and V. J. Burnelli Airplanes, Inc., and any other concern which may later possibly become interested in the Burnelli `lifting fuselage', that this design is of no interest to the Air Corps and that for this reason no further correspondence, consultations, or reviewing of data embodying this design will ever again be considered by the Air Corps or the Material Division."

Then, to compound the viciousness of this conclusion in the 1941 report, the Department of Defense indiscriminately disseminated the technical falsifications contained in the report to prevent the Burnelli Company from competing in the civil market place. Furthermore, political influence was used in post-war Europe to prevent Burnelli aircraft from being manufactured there.

B-2: lifting-body with wings - a violation of Burnelli rights established 1921 for lifting-body and 1945 for engine installation.The Burnelli Company did not have sight of the 1941 report until 1961 because it had been classified! An immediate protest was made to Secretary of Defense McNamara accompanied with demands for a retraction but the Pentagon continued its wide dissemination of the technical falsifications despite the fact the Defense Department and NASA commenced funding Burnelli competitors to utilize Burnelli technology in aircraft such as the F-14F-15F-22, the Aurora and the X-33. Northrop and Douglas based their B-2 and the BWB respectively on Mr. Burnelli's 1940's technology. The resort to Burnelli technology by these companies proves conclusively that Mr. Burnelli's design principles have always been correct and that the 1941 report has always been fraudulent.

The blatant dishonesty of the Department of Defense, the FAA, NASA, and affiliated civil organizations for almostsix decadesis beyond description hence all the documentation is provided so you can see for yourself.

The basis for preventing Burnelli a chance, or building Burnelli-type aircraft remains to this day, the 1941 report - in spite of the facts. General Bennett Myers who signed the 1941 report went to jail after the war, for wartime aircraft procurement fraud.

Each of the agencies or corporations listed under "Evidence of Corruption" has consistently engaged in deceit. The consequences of their actions are so far reaching as to lead to the premature death of countless people. Despite having been given notice of their criminal acts, their deceit continues.

One of the most egregious examples of deceit is a letter written by Sanford N. McDonnell, then President of the McDonnell Douglas Corporation (MDC), on September 5, 1973 to Mrs. Vincent Burnelli, a grieving widow. McDonnell said: "We recognize the many advantages of this concept but are not interested in it for our own use at McDonnell Douglas Corporation." [emphasis added - see also picture above]. This statement was an untruth because, at the time, they were deeply involved in the F-15 program, the F-15 being an almost exact copy of the Fighter plane Mr. Burnelli offered to the Pentagon in 1948! Then in 1995, McDonnell Douglas announced their Blended-Wing-Body design, which clearly embraces the 1940s technology of Mr. Burnelli (see Patent #2,586,299, filed September 11, 1945).

The record shows the Burnelli Company had repeatedly advised MDC of their ownership of lifting-body rights but MDC did not respond until 6 November 1984. MDC replied that the F-15 program contract contains an authorization and Consent Clause which transfers any liability MDC may have to the U.S. Government. Was that an admission? If it wasn't why mention the transfer of liability? This is a perfect example of how government agencies collude with manufacturers to steal technology from the original inventor and developer.

It is unlikely that this tragic episode of clear-cut treachery in the Department of Defense, could have developed if the American people had monitored the activities of their elected and appointed officials. Their complacence and procrastination cause one to recall Plato's words:

"The penalty good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men".

To avoid a continuation of this state of affairs, this web-site is making it easy for the people to have access to the actual documentation involved so that each may see how subtle and deceitful corporate and government officials are in their corruption.

The Burnelli Supporters sincerely hope you will help eradicate this cancer which has already destroyed the free-enterprise system and has seriously corroded the foundations of this great country. HELP!!!

BOEING/MDD DC-9/MD-80 runs off runway in Korea - fuselage shows its weakness

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