The following appeared in:

The Smithsonian Air&Space
Official 1996 Desk Calendar

Vincent Burnelli's "lifting fuselage" design made
good sense to supporters like Hap Arnold, Billy
, Clyde Pangborn, and Bell X-1 pilot
Chalmers "Slick" Goodlin. This British-built version
of Burnelli's UB-14, the Cunliffe-Owen Clipper, was
used by Charles de Gaulle during World War II. But
the notion never caught on, and today the lone
surviving Burnelli craft, a disassembled CBY-3
Loadmaster, resides at the New England Air
Museum in Winsor Locks, Connecticut.




This text above is a precise example of how the Smithsonian Institution distorts the facts and colludes with the military-industrial complex.

The statement, "...the notion never caught on", is preposterous:

  • The Smithsonian hierarchy knows that the upholding of the fraudulent 1941 Defense Department Burnelli report has kept the Burnelli Company prostrate since 1941.

  • The Smithsonian Institution also knows that the Burnelli CBY-3 is sitting in a disassembled condition in Connecticut because the Burnelli Comapny has been denied its inalienable right to be in business and compete in the market place by the military-industrial complex.

    Had the Smithsonian Institution operated in accordance with its Congressional Mandate to preserve America's aeronautical heritage, the Defense Department and the aircraft industry could not have succeeded in their evil conspiracy against Burnelli and the travelling public.

    Therefore, the Smithsonian Institution is guilty of aiding and abetting the conspirators in violation of its Congressional mandate.



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