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September 3, 1996

Mr. Daniel S. Goldin, Administrator
NASA - National Aeronautics and
Space Administration
300 'E' Street, S.W.

Dear Mr. Goldin,

I attach herewith a copy of a letter, dated August 27, 1996, which I just received from your General Counsel, Mr. Edward A. Frankle. As requested by him, I enclose a copy of my letter to you, dated July 9, 1996, and the enclosures of Lockheed correspondence from 1961 onwards.

I appealed to you to correct the grave injustice that has been dealt America's greatest aeronautical genius and our company founder, Mr. Vincent Justus Burnelli' by NASA and the industry over the past 55 years. I have supplied you with ample evidence, confirming that McDonnell Douglas and Lockheed Martin have misappropriated Mr. Burnelli's 1940's technology in aircraft, such as the F-15, the F-22, the MD megajet and the X-33 with NASA funding.

While we have no wish to impede the development of superior products, based on Burnelli technology, we feel it obligatory that appropriate credit be given Mr. Burnelli and his company.

The Burnelli Company has not threatened NASA, McDonnell Douglas or Lockheed Martin with any legal action, so I find it strange that, after writing to you as NASA's accountable authority on a simple matter of principle and ethics, you defer my correspondence to lawyers for response.

I thank you in advance for personally responding to my letter of July 9, 1996, without further delay.

        Sincerely yours,


        Chairman & President


Correspondence is listed in Chronological order
March 29, 1995 to present day (1 - 33)
(All correspondence since March 29, 1995 is present)

1. Mar 29, 1995 Burnelli letter to NASA 2. May 5, 1995-NASA response 3. Aug. 10, 1995-Burnelli letter to NASA General Counsel
4. Aug. 31, 1995-NASA response 5. Sept. 6, 1995-Burnelli responds to NASA Sr. Patent Atty 6. Sep. 20, 1995-Burnelli to NASA re: lifting body research project
7. Sept. 21, 1995-NASA says "the patent expired" 8. Sep. 27, 1995-Burnelli to NASA Counsel, "..when criminal conspiracy is involved.." 9. Oct. 3, 1995-NASA Gnl Counsel, "..I am not your attorney.."
10. Oct 3, 1995-Burnelli to NASA, "..outrageous bureaucratic tyranny.." 11. Oct 6, 1995-BURNELLI submits reports and tests to NASA 12. Nov. 2, 1995, Burnelli, "..may I have a response.."
13. June 27, 1996 Burnelli claims NASA is refusing to acknowledge 14. July 3, 1996 - NASA: "We will not consider taking licence".. 15. July 9, 1996 Burnelli, presents Lockheed correspondence
16. Aug 12, 1996 Burnelli presents Flight magazine article 17. Aug 27, 1996 - NASA Gen'l Counsel requests past correspondence-lost 18. Sept 3, 1996 Burnelli, " ..appeal to you, correct a grave injustice.."
19. Sept 6, 1996 NASA: "..we have no record of your letter.." 20. Sept 24, 1996 - Burnelli: "..all aircraft mfr's recognized Burnelli importance in mid-30's" 21. Sept 25, 1996 NASA: "..Burnelli did not submit a proposal.."
22. Oct 7, 1996 Burnelli: "..NASA, you have deferred our correspondence.." 23. Oct 11, 1996 - Burnelli: "..internet NASA FACT is a lie.." 24. Oct 28, 1996 NASA: "..we will continue to disagree.."
25. Dec 9, 1996 Burnelli: "..NASA, you have repudiated your obligations.." 26. Jun 10, 1965 - Jean A. Roche', Head Aeronautician Engr./Tech. Advisor, US Army Air Forces 27. Jan 13, 1997 BURNELLI: "..we have not received answers to our letters.."
28. Jan 29, 1997 BURNELLI: .."we request that NASA provide no further funding to BWB project.." 29. Feb 10, 1997 BURNELLI: ..Smithsonian article quote:.."the first to touch on the concept was Vincent Burnelli.. " 30. Feb 20, 1997 - NASA: .."considers this matter closed.."
31. Sep. 4, 1995 AVIATION DAILY article .."McDonnell eyes blended wing body research.." 32. Feb 5, 1986 MIAMI HERALD: " NASA behind the times" 33. CARISI Report

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