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September 24, 1996.

Mr. Robert E. Whitehead
Associate Administrator for Aeronautics
WASHINGTON, DC 20546-0001

Dear Mr. Whitehead,

This will acknowledge receipt of your letter, dated September 6, 1996. You will see from the attached correspondence between Burnelli and NASA that on September 3, 1996, we sent Mr. Goldin, by certified mail, a second copy of my letter to him of July 9, 1996.

We have been fully aware of "the overarching goal of NASA's aeronautical enterprise" and the mandate of NACA beforehand. For this reason, we have been constantly perplexed as to why NACA/NASA have deliberately issued letters containing "considerable irrelevant material which is obviously capable of misintepretation". Please see the letters from NACA's Mr. J.W. Crowley and NASA's Mr. Ira H. Abbott. They are clearly meant to detrimentally reflect upon the Burnelli principle of design and this company. Mr. John Stack's letter to me of April 4, 1962, makes it clear that NASA would only consider Burnelli if requested to do so by another government agency.

It can be seen in the enclosed articles from the mid-30's that all aircraft manufacturers recognized the extreme importance of the Burnelli Lifting Body/Fuselage design. The Burnelli UB-14 crash in 1935 clearly demonstrated that the Burnelli configuration was vastly superior to the conventional streamline type from a safety standpoint. In 1936, Boeing's technical chiefs stated outright: "Fuselages of the present type would disappear and all equipment and load would be housed within the center section of the wing." This is a precise description of the Burnelli configuration. In 1937, Donald Douglas and Lockheed's Hall L. Hibbard predicted "that the flying-wing transport would be a reality by 1947".

On September 19, 1939, a letter to the Secretary of War by General H. H. Arnold detailed the enormous superiority of the Burnelli design principle and included reference to the positive NACA and NYU wind tunnel tests.

The 1941 Proceedings of a Board of Review report was instigated by FDR and implemented and classified by the notorious General Benny Meyers. With its glaringly false technical asseverations, this evil document reversed all of the highly favourable Burnelli comments, made in the subject General Arnold letter. You will see that the miscellaneous NACA/NASA correspondence from February 1947 through February 26, 1963, makes no reference to the truthful General Arnold letter but follows the falsifications in the 1941 USAAC Board of Review report.

The last competition the Burnelli Company participated in was for the U.S. Army replacement of the deHavilland AC-I in 1962. The enclosed copy of the Independent Analysis comparing the competitors shows the vast operational and payload superiority of the Burnelli entry.

Mr. Burnelli died in 1964. In 1966, with an appeal to the NASA Inventions and Contributions Board, Mrs. Burnelli sought to have a correction of the outrageous treatment given to her husband, but it was rejected. I enclose a copy of the cover page of the Transcript for your reference. Please read the testimony of the highly respected Jean Roche (commencing on Page 47), also that of Charles Fredericks (Page 98), which confirms that NASA was fully aware of the importance of the Burnelli configuration and the engine installation, covered by Patent No. 2,586,299 [PDF], which was applied for in January 1945 and issued to Mr. Burnelli on February 19, 1952. Lockheed's Hall L. Hibbard had already confirmed his knowledge of the Burnelli importance in his letter to me of June 5, 1961.

Finally, I enclose the current issue of FLIGHT magazine which contains an accurate Burnelli story in proper perspective by the eminent Professor Edmund Cantilli.

We urge you to carefully read all of the enclosures as well as the Lockheed correspondence which we have twice submitted to Mr. Goldin.

We trust that this additional documentation will assist Mr. Goldin in his response to my letters to him of July 9 and September 3, 1996.

With best regards.

        Yours sincerely,


        Chairman & President


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March 29, 1995 to present day (1 - 33)
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