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Todays 'new concept' was designed over 60 years ago

The following are excerpts from a 1983 article in IAPA's (International Airline Passengers Association) First Class Magazine by Jerome Greer Chandler.

The article was prefaced by a letter from IAPA Chairman, James E. Dunne II, who stated:

"I am sure that this article will generate a great deal of response from all the IAPA members and we intend to follow the continuing story of the Burnelli wing very closely." [emphasis added]

Since that time (1983) and in contradiction with Chairman Dunne's stated intent, IAPA hasn't published a single word with regards to Burnelli. Was pressure applied? We can't prove it -- what do you think? Notwithstanding, this is a good article.

Further, in June of 1997, IAPA requested an article from the Burnelli Company. An article was submitted. It still hasn't been printed. Someone who didn't know asked for the article, someone who did blocked it? We don't know, do you? If you do, please let us know.

If you are a member of IAPA, please ask them why they don't write anything about Burnelli! Please contact us at if you get an answer from them.


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