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October 6, 1995.

Mr. Alan J. Kennedy
Senior Patent Attorney
Office of the Associate General Counsel
WASHINGTON, DC 20546-0001

Dear Mr. Kennedy,

I see by your letter of October 3 that you have given yourself "authority" to respond to my letter of September 27 after all. Thank you. I shall refer it to our attornies.

You have made it clear that NASA will not consider taking a license with regard to U.S. Patent, No. 2,586,299. However, I am specifically requesting that NASA or McDonnell Douglas make a licence agreement with the Burnelli Company for its proprietary and intellectual property rights which have, ipso facto, been misappropriated by McDonnell Douglas under funding by NASA.

It seems that you are not fully informed about the Burnelli background. Otherwise, you would not have referred to a "Burnelli Flying Wing" airplane design. The terms "Lifting Body" and "Lifting Fuselage" have been synonymous with Burnelli airplanes since the Burnelli RB-1 flew in 1921. You will see in the enclosed UB-14 crash report that Test Pilot Lou Reichers used the term "Lifting Body" in 1935, and General Arnold used the term "Lifting Fuselage" in his letter to the Secretary of War in 1939. To further demonstrate the importance of the Burnelli design, safetywise, I am sending you a video which illustrates the unparalleled crashworthiness, inherent in the Burnelli configuration. I hope this information will make it easier to understand the immense injustice and damages accumulated during the past 54 years of the Burnelli conspiracy.

You probably are influenced by NASA propaganda that one of its engineers invented the lifting body in the early 60's through the ludicrous claim of studying air flow over the nose cones of missiles. When you look at the enclosed 1937 NACA/Burnelli wind tunnel model, you will see the striking similarity between it and the much later NASA lifting body designs of the 60's. It must be remembered that NASA has the entire collection of Burnelli wind tunnel tests during the 30's and 40's from New York University and NACA at Langley Field. Burnelli Lifting Bodies were tested there, with and without wings, in the 1930's.

Your implication that the Burnelli Company seek litigation to settle this matter would certainly result in a serious defaming of NASA and the aerospace industry because of the many thousands of war time and post-war civil fatalities which would not have occurred if General Arnold's request for Burnelli airplanes had not been politically over-ruled. Surely the glaring moral and ethical considerations involved demand a negotiated settlement. Licence agreements with the Burnelli Company by the offending parties could provide a simple solution.

Best regards,

        Thank you.
        Yours sincerely,


        Chairman & President

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