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Evidence of Suppression and Official denial is overwhelming

NASA claims their Dr. Eggers conceived of the Lifting Body Principle in 1957

Dates: October 11, 1996 - February 1997 -- BURNELLI questions claim and submits evidence of pre-existing design. (Question not yet answered)

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On October 10, 1996, the Burnelli Company was given a copy of NASA's web-page

which contains, under the subheading "Background", the following statement:
    "The original idea of lifting bodies was conceived in 1957 by Dr. Alfred J. Eggers, Jr. [of NASA] ..."

NASA was confronted with their lie and to date, they have refused to address the issue ... how could they? ... the correspondence speaks for itself. Oct. 11, 1996, BURNELLI points out the lie to NASA...and the ensuing correspondence up to today shows their response (or rather lack thereof). (Click here to continue)

For a PDF of the correspondence from October 11, 1996
to present date [1.7 MB] click here.
Correspondence is listed in Chronological order
October 11, 1995 to Feb 20, 1997 (24 - 33)
(All correspondence since March 29, 1995 is present)

24. Oct 28, 1996 NASA: "..we will continue to disagree.."
25. Dec 9, 1996 Burnelli: "..NASA, you have repudiated your obligations.." 26. Jun 10, 1965 - Jean A. Roche', Head Aeronautician Engr./Tech. Advisor, US Army Air Forces 27. Jan 13, 1997 BURNELLI: "..we have not received answers to our letters.."
28. Jan 29, 1997 BURNELLI: .."we request that NASA provide no further funding to BWB project.." 29. Feb 10, 1997 BURNELLI: ..Smithsonian article quote:.."the first to touch on the concept was Vincent Burnelli.. " 30. Feb 20, 1997 - NASA: .."considers this matter closed.."
31. Sep. 4, 1995 AVIATION DAILY article .."McDonnell eyes blended wing body research.." 32. Feb 5, 1986 MIAMI HERALD: " NASA behind the times" 33. CARISI Report

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