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September 13, 1999

Mr. James Hall
National Transportation Safety Board
800 Independence Avenue, SW
Washington DC 20594

Dear Mr. Hall,

We noticed with interest your comment in the U.S.A. Today (August 25, 99) article that the media process "can outstrip common sense". Surely, it can be said that the process for NTSB fact finding in the cause for most air crash fatalities "can outstrip common sense".

Why has the NTSB failed to recognize that the cause of most air crash fatalities is due to the fundamental flaws which are inherent in conventional airliners? What could be more stupid in airliner design than the irresponsible practice of hanging engines and landing gear onto fuel tank supporting structure in combination with excessively high takeoff and landing speeds on overstressed tires? These flaws have never existed in the Burnelli Lifting Body design. The NTSB has refused to recognize this fact publicly, and this negligence is responsible for most of the aircrash deaths for decades. I might add that, in 1980, the eminent Professor Edmund Cantilli of New York Polytechnic advised all government agencies [Ed.: including NTSB] and the industry that "the use of Burnelli airliners would reduce air crash fatalities by 85%".

I am enclosing herewith a copy of an article which I wrote at the request of the International Airline Passengers Association over two years ago. It was accepted for publication in their "next" First Class magazine, but it never appeared. The relative correspondence is attached. I am also sending you the Burnelli video, "BURNELLI: The Greatest Story in Aviation History". I hope you will share the article and the video with your colleagues.

Please send us your comments on the above.

Thank you and best wishes.



Chalmers H. Goodlin
Chairman & CEO



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