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October 16, 1996

Mr Robert Francis, Vice Chairman
National Transportation Safety Board
800 Independence Ave. S. W.

Dear Mr. Francis:

Purrsuant to my letter of July 26, 1996 with regard to the TWA Flight 800 crash, I enclose herewith an article from the International Herald Tribune of September 30, 1996 which shows a picture of some of the main landing-gear assemblies.

I presume this picture came from a photo supplied by the NTSB and I would be most grateful to receive the actual photograph of the picture shown in the article. I would also like to receive any other photo that the NTSB has taken of the landing-gear assemblies and of any close-ups of the wheel hubs and any damaged tires. I would be pleased to remit the normal cost of reproducing the above requested photos

I would appreciate an early response to this request.

Thank you and best regards.

Sincerely yours,


Chalmers G. Goodlin
Chairman and President


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