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October 28, 2000


TWA Flight 800 Investigation

Who benefited?


"After speaking with the authorities investigating the crash of TWA 800, I am satisfied that there is no cover up."

----Congressman Traficant
House Aviation Committee

Capt. Hank Gastrich, former TWA Captain with 20,000+ accident free hours, wrote a letter to the editor last month regarding Congressman Traficant's statement. This is what Capt. Gastrich said: "... in denying any cover up, the Congressman did not say he was convinced of the reputed cause of the accident." The reputed cause of the accident is allegedly faulty wiring in the center fuel tank of that one Boeing 747.

Despite the alleged "conclusions" made by the investigators of that horrible mid-air explosion, many people don't believe these NTSB conclusions, and more find contradictions. Rather than doing an in-depth analysis of the contradictions - or even try to expose the various details of each theory (a lengthy endeavor) - we'll only address this problem like any good detective by answering the question: who benefited?

TWA Flight 800 Crash Cause
Showing winners and losers

Determined Cause


Who gains from Solution*

Who loses*

Faulty wiring in fuel tank

Replace wiring on all aging aircraft

Boeing gains via extra work, downside of bad wiring not an issue as problems are arising on OLD aircraft (liability shifts to airlines) FAA & NTSB because they identified cause of crash.

Travelers - expense of rewiring is passed on to travelers, TWA


Find guilty parties, prosecute, execute guilty parties

Public gains via renewed confidence in legal system and deterrence to others who might contemplate such abhorrent actions.

DOD / Navy because they are direct suspects. FBI since it failed to prevent or identify terrorist act; US Govt / Clinton Admin since they are responsible for DOD, American public

Tire blow-up

Lower take-off speed, reduce gross weight; build Burnelli Lifting-Body aircraft. Public via conversion to more efficient (reduce cost of airtravel), more comfortable (reduction in air-rage incidents), safer (fewer deaths or injuries), and a host of benefits to the public in general such as savings on runway lengthening etc. Boeing since the liability on such a design flaw is enormous; aircraft manufacturers in general for the same reason as DOD, FAA & NTSB since they have conspired with the establishment manufacturers to prevent other safer designs from being built or have failed to alert the public; the Media for having failed to alert the public to the existence of the cartel and its evil activities.

* Not mentioned under tire blow-up SOLUTIONS are airlines since in a free market they usually pass on savings / costs to consumers. * Not mentioned are the TWA flight 800 passengers and crew since the cause doesn't change their deaths.

This table is helpful, as it clearly shows that the only "Determined Cause" of the crash - which benefits powerful interests and keeps their liability at a minimum - is the frayed wire theory. In all other cases they fail to gain anything. In the two other cases, the only beneficiary is the traveling public, which is an unorganized group comprised of many individuals without any agenda other than safe travel at reasonable cost and has nothing to gain from a crash.

Thus, having examined motive alone, we can only conclude that a very few, very powerful interests have every reason to make sure that alternatives to the frayed wire scenario are never examined.

We believe that Congressman Traficant wasn't telling the whole truth, when he said he was convinced there was no cover-up; it's what he left out that was important. To illustrate by analogy, the Burnelli Company approached Congressman Traficant in 1996 for help in overturning the fraudulent 1941 Report and other falsifications, perpetrated by the Department of Defense, NASA and others. Congressman Traficant's first reply was: "The information that you have provided is very enlightening. I look forward to our future correspondence." but 14 months later, without further explanation, he wrote: "I am sorry that I was not able to assist you. I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors. Respectfully, Jim".

Not all air crashes have to end like this.Anyone familiar with the web-site can see that the Congressman refused to bring the truth to the light of day; such inaction is a cover-up. While "cover-up" implies an action, silence requires no action but achieves the same end-result. The Congressman is splitting hairs but to whose benefit?

MBA Aviation Oracle, (October 2000 issue), page 6, states:

"While unable to definitely prove its case, the NTSB has focused exclusively on wiring probes and possible short circuits as the cause of the fuel tank explosion that brought down TWA 800. The FAA has issued numerous AD's, "fixing" wiring problems on Boeing 747. s and virtually all other models of Boeing aircraft. Now comes Jim Helms [President of Transport Aircraft Technical Services Company, Inc.] to ask why the NTSB ignored evidence that a main gear tire explosion may have been the real cause of the accident. He cites evidence that 1. One main gear tire was never recovered. 2. The wheel on which it was installed was damaged. 3. Structural damage in the wheel well pointed to bending and rupture of the tank walls, which could have been caused by a tire explosion due to overheating." MBA finishes by stating: "As far as we can determine, the NTSB's extensive report did not deal with this possibility." (see TATSCO Aug 22, 2000 Newsletter, Vol 18 - Issue #8 (Square brackets in paragraph above added by

Our readers may want to visit our Flight 800 which goes in depth on the theory of the tire explosion. If you visit our site, you will note that the Burnelli Company wrote several letters to the NTSB regarding the tire explosion theory, and we back-up that theory with pictures of the wreckage, showing TWA Flight 800 landing gear with missing tires and damaged hubs.

Of course, adding to our initial theory, there was the recent crash of the Concorde, which proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that overheating tires lead not just to tire blow-outs but to catastrophic destruction of aircraft along with all its passengers and crew. Our readers who spent time reading our site know the Concorde was not the first aircraft to crash due to fire started by a tire explosion.

In the history of aircraft accidents, we do not believe any investigation has taken so long, cost so much and yielded so little convincing information as the TWA Flight 800 investigation.

when the press makes a conclusion about a crash, the question is designed to elicit an answer, which never points to the real culprits.

The press is in cahoots with the investigating agencies and with Mr. Traficant by focusing on the fuel tank as the source of the explosion without ever examining or questioning what caused the wiring to go bad. Could overheating due to nearby fire and ensuing short-circuits cause insulation to melt on wiring, or could a missile detonating in proximity cause wiring to short-circuit? Absolutely. The logic used to justify the faulty wiring is the same type of logic used when the press makes a conclusion about a crash, the question is designed to elicit an answer, which never points to the real culprits. In the TWA Flight 800 crash, the cause of the explosion was undoubtedly a spark, everyone knows that, but what was the cause that triggered the spark?

We haven't explored the missile theory, as it is not within the scope of our expertise, and various sites exist on the net discussing this theory. Nevertheless, as in the Concorde crash, the TWA Flight 800 crash allows us to illustrate not only the flaws of conventional designs, but, in particular, its complete lack of survivability in most crashes, and, most importantly, the complete lack of honesty of people who are supposed to be looking after the public interest, in this case, International Organizations such as ICAO and IATA, Congress, Federal Agencies and the media.

The public has been kept in the dark by the same organizations responsible for the TWA Flight 800 investigation SILENCE with respect to Burnelli technology which was clearly proven to embrace higher efficiency, more comfort, a much higher standard of safety - eliminating the fundamental flaws inherent in conventional designs, the Burnelli Company has been blackballed for almost 60 years!  The TWA Flight 800 "investigation" represents an unprecedented perpetuation of criminal negligence on a massive scale.  It continues today because Secretary of Defense Cohen refuses to retract the technical falsifications in the fraudulent 1941 USAAC report, which has been illegally upheld by the Department of Defense since it's implementation in 1941. Again, SILENCE by those accountable has led to the unnecessary deaths of thousands of both military personnel and civil air travelers.  These deaths will continue until you, the public, call a halt to the blatant corruption by SILENCE in government agencies, Congress, tax-free foundations, industry and the International Organizations.  The correction of this diabolical state of affairs in in your hands too.  There are things you can do!  The life you save could be your own.


Let Congress know your views (public opinion carries more weight than you think).

Write a letter to the editor of your local paper pointing out the corruption and asking whether [the paper you're writing to] is also a part of the conspiracy of silence.

Tell your friends

Make copies of this and other publications & hand them out where appropriate.

Be creative; find a way to make more people aware of the SILENCE (legally!).


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