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September / October, 2000


Response to an Engineer (Boeing)

Email series from Mr. C.H. Goodlin

Part 5 of 6


In this segment, Mr. Goodlin responds to several arguments made by the skeptical Boeing engineer, in particular he said that: - Burnelli patents have expired why argue over this - Boeing never made use of the patents.



---- Begin Original Message
---- From: Chalmers H. Goodlin

The best way to get to grips with this matter is to relate to Mr. Lajoie's concerns in an organized manner (due to email size limitations this email is split into [several] parts):




Boeing has had the complete list of Burnelli Patents for at least twenty years. Therefore I suggest that the Boeing patent attorney can best advise you how Boeing has made use of Burnelli intellectual and proprietary rights without recognizing Mr. Burnelli and the Burnelli Company. In fact, Boeing and the industry in general were well aware of Burnelli technical superiority as long ago as 1936. At that time, Boeing Technical Chiefs, Messrs. Ball, Minshall and Laudan, at the Aircraft Production meeting of the Society of Automotive Engineers, in Los Angeles said:

In-flight view of a Burnelli GB-177.  Note segregation of fuel (in the wings) from landing-gear and engines. (illustration by Peter Castle)

"Fuselages of the present type would disappear and all equipment and load would be housed within the centre section of the wing."

This is a precise description of the Burnelli configuration!

(Click here for other quotes from prominent people).

----end of message----

Why not ask the Boeing Company why they waited nearly 40 years to start doing R&D on a design which their own Technical directors claimed in 1936 was the plane of the future - especially in light of the fact that Burnelli had already built six aircraft embodying his lifting-body principle of design by 1936!??? (see also the origins of the BWB ).