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September / October, 2000


Response to an Engineer (Boeing)

Email series from Mr. C.H. Goodlin

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The attached is the reply to several emails by a very skeptical Boeing engineer, which took place on a discussion group called VORTEX and the answers are unless otherwise shown, by Mr. Chalmers Goodlin, Chairman and C.E.O. of the Burnelli Company.

While the discussion started about aerodynamics (mostly the subject of the discussion group) it quickly evolved into other aspects of the Burnelli story which are discussed on the web-site.

Instead of putting you through the many objections uttered by this Boeing Engineer who shall remain nameless for now, we will summarize some of them at the beginning of each email part of this series so that you will understand the responses given.

Part 1 is a response to:

  • "We know how to make slow airplanes. You don't need to make the fusilage [sic] into a lifting body to make slow airplanes" [for the purposes of take-off and landing.]
  • "[Conventional] airplanes have more than enough lift!"

Part 2 is a response to the allegations that:

  • Burnelli himself disparaged his own designs
  • The Burnelli CBY-3 flew 'like a pig'

Part 3 is a response to the allegation that:

  • Conventional designs are safe enough

Part 4 is:

  • an explanation of the difference between the Northrop Flying Wing and the Burnelli Lifting-Body fuselage which the Boeing engineer did not understand

Part 5 is a response to the allegation that:

  • 'Burnelli patents have expired, why argue over this - Boeing never made use of the patents'

Part 6 is a response to the Boeing Engineer's alleagation that:

  • The thought of a conspiracy is preposterous.