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December 11-12, 1999

In Wake of unwillingness to answer
Burnelli Question NTSB forced to
admit its dependence on industry.

The International Herald Tribune of December 11-12, 1999 (article entitled: "Safety Board, Strained, Said to Lean on Industry") states that the "National Transportation Safety Board is stretched to the breaking point and is becoming too dependent on experts from manufacturers and airlines that have a heavy financial stake in air-crash investigations, according to an outside report".

On September 13, 1999, Mr. Goodlin of the Burnelli Company asked Mr. James Hall, Chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board:

"Why has the NTSB failed to recognize that the cause of most aircrash fatalities is due to the fundamental flaws which are inherent in conventional airliners?" [Ed.: emphasis added]

Mr. Hall hasn't responded to the question. It appears however, that the question was answered by the International Herald Tribune article mentioned above. The NTSB is dependent on the industry for its investigations. We have alleged that industry and government have been working hand in hand and that this has been going on for decades. The government agencies involved are doing this in violation of their duties to the public. The article mentioned above confirms that the NTSB cannot answer the question posed by the Burnelli company without admitting to wrongdoing.

We hope our readers will make their views known to Mr. Hall and their Congressmen.


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