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November 19, 1999

Boeing settles in Aero-Peru crash lawsuit

Boeing Settles crash lawsuit.

Miami Herald, page 2C, Friday November 19, 1999 states that "The families of 56 passengers who died in a 1996 Aero-Peru plane crash have reached a multimillion-dollar settlement with the airline and Boeing, the jet's manufacturer ... they were all substantial awards & it was one of the largest cash awards for a foreign jetliner crash outside the United States." The article continued by saying that the average settlement award was approximately $2 million - in line with the FAA estimate that a life is worth $1.7 million.

The Boeing 757 operated by AeroPeru, originating in Miami, crashed off the coast of Peru because of "maintenance, operational and design flaws ." All aboard perished. The fact that the families of the deceased accepted a settlement is another reason why manufacturers and airlines can continue to build and fly their ill-designed and low-survivability craft. It is interesting that the tobacco industry is being practically put out of business for killing people while the airline industry is left alone. Is there a political agenda we the people don't know about?


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