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November 23, 1999

Airbus comes up with "radical" design:
a copy of 1940s Burnelli design! 

Airbus Industrie copying 1950's Burnelli design.

In an article entitled "Europeans Think Radically" which appeared in Flight International issue of November 17-23 (page 14), a picture is shown (see below) of a lifting-body passenger transport very similar to a Burnelli 1951 model and also closely resembles the Boeing Megajet project which even more closely resembles that Burnelli design.

The Flight International article misleadingly states: "Airbus Industrie and its partner companies have begun looking at configurations that could lead to the introduction of radical designs for new airliners in the next century." The article further states that these configurations include " 'unconventional ideas' such as flying-wing configurations."

Aerospatiale's Burnelli's 1940s technology used without attribution

In light of the fact that Vincent Burnelli first reduced the Lifting Body to practice in 1921. To say that flying-wing, lifting-body configurations are radical new designs shows corruption as Airbus is keenly aware of the origin of the lifting-body design.

In 1983 Deutsche Airbus invited Mr. Goodlin (of the Burnelli Company) to a meeting in Hamburg at which the Airbus Chief Design engineer, Dr. Klug, said: "The only meaningful way to improve air-transport safety and economics is to implement the lifting-body design." But soon after, the Chairman of Airbus, Dr. Franz Josef Strauss, advised Mr. Goodlin: "Burnelli has an American problem and it must be resolved in the United States."

And now Airbus is looking at RADICAL DESIGNS? Cm'on!!!


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