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November 1, 1999

Boeing 747: air-conditioner below
center fuel tank causes tanks to overheat
says 1980 Boeing internal study 

The International Herald Tribune of November 1, 1999 ran an article entitled: "Boeing Withheld Study of Fuel Tanks on 747s" (page 3).

Apparently, on March 14, 1980, Boeing issued a study of problems with the center fuel tanks in one of its jumbo jets. The report centered on "center fuel tank overheating in its E-4b, the military version of the civilian 747 & "

Our readers will be interested to know that BOEING places air-conditioner units directly below the center fuel tanks of 747's (we believe also on 767s, 777s and 757s but we have been unable to confirm this).

Any moron would know that placing a device which causes heat below a tank holding a substance which becomes many times more explosive when brought into a gaseous form is pure folly. Mr. Luplow, former Senior Vice President of Boeing had stated in a letter written in 1983 that safety/survivability is not a concern taken into account at every step of the design process.

The placement of the air-conditioner units is proof of his statements.


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