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October 25, 1999

AW&ST: "Safer Skies Requires Mindset Change"

This is the title of the Aviation Week and Space Technology, page 110, VIEWPOINT (October 25,1999 issue). 

It claims that what was needed was the free-flow of information in order to reduce accident rates. We couldn't have agreed more. Unfortunately, the article concentrates on reducing accidents and never mentions improving survivability. While some progress might be made by reducing the number of accidents, the death rate will never be reduced to the absolute minimum until survivability is improved upon. Of course, there is no economic incentive for this. Look for safety improvements to be made where more complex systems, thus more money has to be spent at taxpayers expense. Anything else is uninteresting. Just follow the money - it'll tell you whose interests are being served. In this case, it isn't yours or mine!

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