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Model Aircraft

Burnelli RB-2 in a high-speed low level pass

Burnelli RB-2 (must see!)

This is the cargo version of the plane (RB-1) with which Vincent Burnelli reduced the lifting-body principle to practice in 1921.  TheBurnelli RB-2model was built by Alan Heim in 2000 from plans he drew from photos and three-views he obtained from the Smithsonian Archives Division. Even if the RB-2 is not something you are planning to build, his outstanding work is a MUST SEE!



Burnelli CB-16

For more pictures of theCB-16 click here.



Cunliffe-Owen Clyde Clipper

This is the British version of theBurnelli UB-14built under license by the Cunliffe-Owen Company designatedOA-1 - click here for pictures. (see also MAN August 1937 cover on right)

Cunliffe-Owen Clyde Clipper a.k.a. British Burnelli