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Model Aircraft

In response to many inquiries by model airplane enthusiasts and thanks to several dedicated Burnelli Supporters who made this possible, you can download plans for model aircraft.


Unfortunately, a few bad 'apples' make the lawyerese necessary ...
so here we go:

These plans are provided for educational purposes only. You may not infer from these plans that these plans are endorsed either by the Burnelli Company or by the Burnelli Supporters Association or anyone else for that matter and no guarantees whatsover are made either express or implied. By downloading these plans you are stating that you hold everyone related in any way shape or form to these plans completely harmless and you agree that you are COMPLETELY responsible for your own actions or inactions. When you click on the "I agree" below you continue to be on your own, you are agreeing that your relationship to this web-site remains as unchanged as if you hadn't downloaded anything -- you may not expect anything from anyone related or unrelated to this web-site with respect to these plans. Remember, it's for educational purposes only.

I disagree

I have read the above, I understand it all and I agree to all of it.


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