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5 September 1973


Mrs. Vincent J. Burnelli
14 St. Andrews Drive
Huntington, Long Island
New York 11743

Dear Mrs. Burnelli:

My father-in-law, J. Donald Robb, sent me the enclosed material concerning the work and patents of your famous husband on the lifting-body concept of design for transport aircraft. Our company has evaluated this concept in the past and I talked today to one of our leading engineering officers on this subject. We recognize the many advantages of this concept but are not interested in it for our own use at McDonnell Douglas Corporation.

We are aware, however, that the concept is being considered at least in part by a company which is working toward building a transport aircraft for lifting by air a large number of automobiles, as well as other such cargo. In case you have not been in touch with them, this company is:

Carroll Air Transport, Inc.
2500 Packard Road, Suite 109
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104
(313) 973-0930

Your husband was indeed a great aeronautical pioneer and inventor and in many respects, far ahead of the rest of the world in that field. You very rightly should feel a great deal of pride in his creative genius and I regret that our company, at this point in time of air transport evolution, is not interested in the Burnelli patents.

Sincerely yours,

{signed: Sanford N. McDonnell}



XC: Mr. J. D. Robb

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