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January 3, 1964



Mr. Chalmers H. Goodlin, President
Burnelli Avionics Corporation
P.O. Box 4178, Grand Central Station
New York 17, New York

Dear Mr. Goodlin:

In reply to your letter of December 10, 1963, to Mr.
McCulloch, we have checked into the Burnelli patents and
are of the opinion that no infringement thereof is made by
our XC-142A airplane.  However, your notice is being
reported to the U.S. Government pursuant to the provisions
of our prime government contract

Very truly yours,


Harry E. Kay



NOTE: The late R.M. Johnson who did the controls engineering on the XC-142A said that it could outperform the V-22 Osprey and carry much more payload.  He also said that it was always a mystery why the project was cancelled.

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