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What the Experts Have Said - Klemin

On the House Floor, April 30, 1937 [PDF - 800K] as reflected in the Congressional Record - House, First Session of the Seventy-Fifth Congress of the United States of America, Volume 81 - Part 4, p. 4063, Congressman McFarlane states:

"The leading aeronautical engineers of the world, familiar with the Burnelli patents, express their hearty approval, among them being Dr. Alexander Klemin, in charge of the Daniel Guggenheim Institute of Aeronautics at New York University who states:

‘The comparison of commercial transport airplanes of today with the Burnelli transport plane shows marked superiority in cabin capacity, space per passenger, cruising and top speeds, safety, and efficiency.

The present demand for performance should be fully satisfied by the high indicated performance of the Burnelli twin-engine plane with either air or liquid cooled power plants.

The engines are housed side by side in the leading edge of the airfoil body in the most efficient position as demonstrated by the N.A.C.A. in their extensive program. The housing of the engines in this position, coupled with aerodynamic efficiency of the lifting fuselage, makes the Burnelli design aerodynamically superior to conventional twin-engined or even single-engine designs.

The arrangement of the power plant and the attachment of wings and landing gear have led to simplification of design, which not only helps reduce weight but reduces construction costs and, what is more important perhaps to the air-transport operator, reduces maintenance costs.

Of equal importance is the fact that the cabin space per passenger is much larger than that of any conventional airplane today and this is obtained while maintaining aerodynamic superiority.

Not only is cabin space important for transport passengers, but for carrying bulky packages, which comprise a great part of air-express service today. Very often the full pay load, in pounds, cannot be realized due to the space requirements of goods to be transported.

The advantage of the Burnelli principle of design should prove of even greater value in the "giant" long-range airplane of the future.'


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