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Evidence of Suppression and Official denial is overwhelming
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Statement prepared by
Dr. Alexander Klemin, Dean of Aeronautical Engineering,
Guggenheim School of Aeronautical Engineering, New York University
and signed by the Wind-Tunnel Research Staff and other notables in 1939
and addressed to Paul W. Chapman


"Paul W. Chapman, Esquire,

New York, N.Y.

We regard the Burnelli principle of design as a valuable and fundamental contribution to the art of aviation. Its application provides larger accommodations, more comfort, and greater pleasure in faster air travel. The disposition of the power plant, logically inherent in the design, enhances safety and reliability far beyond conventional practice. The perseverance shown in its successful development is of the best in American tradition ."

signed among others (refer to PDF for confirmation):

Ralph de Palma - Famous Race car driver and early pilot
Bert Acosta - Burnelli's test pilot on RB-1 and RB-2 / Famous Test Pilot
Clyde Pangborn - see bio
Alexander Klemin - see bio
Frederick Teichmann - see bio
Benjamin Ruffner 
George Schaefer
Renato Cantini
Frederic Barker - Burnelli Patent Attorney.
Louis Reichers - Burnelli Test Pilot
Lawrence Benham?
George F. Zimmer
Norman McGlashan
Ernesto Casamello
T.O. Warfield
XXX Boyd, pilot of 2nd crossing of Columbia

The above were a Group of early outstanding pilots and wind-tunnel personnel from N.Y.U. & N.A.C.A.

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