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Office of the Chief of Division
March 13, 1941

1. In conversation with Mr. Leonard Peto of the Canadian Car and Foundry Company, March 12th, at Wright Field, Mr. Peto stated that:

a. He expected to finish his present order of Hurricanes in about two months, and did not believe he would get any more although there had been some conversation about an additional 100.

b.While there had also been a lot of conversation about giving him an order for Typhoons, he did not expect to get the order as he understood that the Typhoon was not ready for production and that there were still a lot of bugs being worked out in England on this airplane.

c.His personal opinion also was that the passage of the Lend-Lease Bill will mean a shut-down on British orders to Canadian firms, as the British will not desire to spend money in Canada on equipment which they can secure in the United States for nothing.

d.Mr. Peto wants to manufacture the Burnelli attack bomber in this country.  He spoke of consolidating the Burnelli and Bellanca organizations to utilise the two engineering staffs, and, particularly, to get hold of Mr. Roche to be Chief Engineer and carry through the Burnelli bomber projectHe did not feel that there would be much difficulty in securing sufficient skilled labor.  He expected to be able to produce the first article in one year and start production a year later on a modest scale, finally working up to around 50 per month.

    Brig. General, U.S.A.,
    Asst. Chief, Materiel Division
    End of Memo
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