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July 9, 1996

Mr. Daniel S. Goldin
300 E Street, S.W.

Dear Mr. Goldin,

In view of the recent correspondence directed to you commencing with my letter dated March 29, 1995, which pointed out the misappropriation of Burnelli rights by the NASA-funded megajet project, we are quite astonished to learn that NASA has now funded Lockheed Martin to pirate the same Burnelli rights in the X-33. Surely this represents unprecedented arrogance and confirms that the military-industrial complex is entirely devoid of any morals, ethics or common decency.

You will see by the enclosed Burnelli-Lockheed correspondence commencing with my letter to Lockheed's President, Courtland S. Gross, dated March 14, 1961, that Burnelli has repeatedly shown diligence in keeping Lockheed appraised of Burnelli rights. The Lockheed letter to me dated June 5, 1961, signed by Senior Vicepresident Hall L. Hibbard, discloses that Lockheed has always been fully aware of Burnelli importance in VTOL and multi-mach capability. It must be remembered that Mr. Hibbard made his positive remarks during the same period when the Department of Defense was repeatedly disseminating the fallacious technical asseverations from the fraudulent 1941 U. S. Army Air Corps proceedings of the Board of Review. One of these technical falsifications is quoted herewith:

"That the Burnelli emphasis upon the 'lifting fuselage' is not in accordance with best aeronautical practice based upon best aerodynamic information, since such a fuselage has a relatively low critical speed which definitely limits the future development of this type of airplane."

This despicable practice by the Department of Defense persecuted the great Mr. Burnelli into a pauper's grave and has kept the Burnelli company prostrate for fifty-five years.

The current emergence of the X-33, on top of the 1995 emergence of the McDonnell Douglas megajet, poses this question: Why has the military-industrial complex wasted so many hundreds of billions of taxpayers' dollars on costly unsafe conventional air transports and space shuttles when it was known in 1961 that the Burnelli configuration and power plant installation offered much superior, safer and less costly technology?

Under the circumstances and as a matter of principle and honor we trust that NASA will find it obligatory to request Lockheed Martin to negotiate a license agreement with the Burnelli Company for the use of its proprietary and intellectual property rights.

From the correspondence and phone calls I have received from your attorney, Mr. Alan Kennedy, it is obvious that he does not comprehend the significance, the implications or the magnitude of the scientific fraud and criminal negligence involved in the Burnelli conspiracy by the military-industrial complex.

May I kindly have a response from you, Sir, as the accountable authority?

Thank you .

        Yours sincerely,



        Chairman & President

cc: Mr. Norman Augustine, [Vice-Chairman & CEO, Lockheed]

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March 29, 1995 to present day (1 - 33)
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