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Evidence of Suppression and Official denial is overwhelming
Independent Analysis

The attached AIRCRAFT COMPARATIVE DATA was made by a first class research organization which did not wish to be identified, as it was a contractor to the Department of Defense and major aircraft manufacturers. This organization had ready access to the figures on all three aircraft during the competition.

While the Burnelli was a superior aircraft, the competitor's aircraft was chosen. Several years later, a report entitled "A Comparative Evaluation of Medium Transport Aircraft" prepared by the U.S. Army Transportation Materiel Command and dated, as nearly as I can tell, February 1962 (click here for 3 MB PDF) was leaked by someone in the Air Force. The report shows the De Havilland AC-II as not being adapted at all for the tasks for which it was apparently acquired. After the leak of this document, the Air Force then quickly started an investigation to find out exactly who leaked the report instead of investigating why the right airplane hadn't been purchased in the first place. No further comment is necessary.

Click here for a PDF of the Independent Report - a modern retyped version w/ colorful graphs [ file size=305k ] - does an excellent job of showing the advantages of the Burnelli Lifting-Body over the conventional design
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