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Jim Soderman
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Capitola, California
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February 12, 2000

Assad Kotaite, President
International Civil Aviation Organization
999 University
Montreal, Quebec H3C 5H7

Dear Mr. Koatait[e],

I' writing in response to an article I saw in a copy of the OX5 NEWS (Vol 41 - Number 6 December 1999), which I picked up at the airport lounge in Chicago. The article was in regards to life long efforts by Jerome F. Lederer to make aviation safer.

I found it difficult to read the article regarding Jerome F. Lederer without mumbling under my breath, shaking my head, and resisting the urge to jump up and down screaming. The article states that Jerome "has spared neither his time nor his efforts to make aviation safer". He certainly hasn't spared the lives of the thousands of military air personnel crash victims nor has he spared the lives of the thousands of civilian air traveler crash victims. What might have been the outcome of many civilian airlines crashes if the planes had been Burnelli Designs?

Jerome was the founder of the Flight Safety Foundation in 1947! How could he have run that foundation for over twenty years and not insisted that the Burnelli design be built even if only for its safety features? Jerome was obviously well aware of the Burnelli. He was obviously also well aware of the Air Trust Cartel.

How many "safety" organizations has he been associated with . . . . . . .

  • Flight Safety Foundation
  • Cornell University-Guggenheim Aviation Safety Research Center
  • Civil Aeronautics Board Bureau of Air Safety (later the FAA),
  • NASA

Jerome F. Lederer is 97 years old. How many thousands of people never made it to age ten, twenty, thirty, forty, sixty or ninety, because their lives were cut short as a result of Jerome's self interests which condemned these thousands to horrible air crash deaths when they might have survived in Burnelli designed aircraft.

Jerome F. Lederer's name will go down in the Hall of SHAME for allowing the conspiracy against Burnelli to continue over 53 of the past 59 years! At many junctions in his career he was in a position to "do the right thing". Instead Jerome chose the "dark side ". What will Jerome's response be to the victims when he passes from this life into the beyond? Will there be a hole deep enough for him to crawl into to avoid the men, women, husbands, wives, fathers, mothers and children......all victims of being in non-Burnelli designed aircraft partially due to Jerome's decisions along the way to deliberately ignore the superior crash characteristics of the Burnelli at the behest of the Air Trust!

Shame on Jerome . . . . Shame, Shame, Shame.

Is anyone at ICAO willing to "do the right thing." Is anyone at ICAO willing to stand up to the Air Trust?

Sincerely, but with reservations and great sadness,

Jim Soderman

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