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Todays 'new concept' was designed over 60 years ago
The following is a reproduction of the "Letter from the Chairman" which appeared on page 7 of IAPA's First Class Magazine, No 2. 1983. All emphasis in the text is ours.
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SPACER Letter From the Chairman SPACER Dear Members:

It is with great pleasure that I am responding to the request of introducing members to another issue of First Class.

I was most pleased at the enthusiastic reception the last issue of your magazine received. Not only were we flooded with responses to your reader survey telling us what you, the members, wanted to see, but we also mailed over a thousand magazines to members' friends.

My message again to you the member is the same: use your Association and provide us with your input. Use the services we provide and, above all, use your card. The more you use your IAPA card, the more valuable it becomes; it entitles you to some unique and extremely useful benefits, so you don't need to struggle along like an ordinary traveller. You are an IAPA member, and you've got an entire worldwide network of services poised to respond to your travel needs. Recognition of the influence and importance of your association is growing every day. In addition to some of the new forums in which our voice is being heard, we are now participating in the joint I.C.C. and I.A.T.A. committee representing you, the frequent business traveller. It is in expanding our efforts in areas like this that we can continue to strive for better conditions, not only for our members, but all business travellers.

But we still need your help to expand our influence by achieving our goal of doubling membership in the next twelve months. Every new member represents a vote of confidence.

Of special interest in this issue is the excellent article on "The Burnelli Wing" and the interview with the chairman and president of The Burnelli Company, Inc., Mr. Chalmers H. Goodlin. Not only has Mr. Goodlin been an advocate of air safety for over 30 years during which time he has waged a constant battle with the bureaucracy for the acceptance of the proven principal the Burnelli wing represents, but he has been a member of IAPA for over 20 years, going back to the days when it was the New York Airways Club. I am sure that this article will generate a great deal of response from all the IAPA members members and we intend to follow the continuing story of the Burnelli wing very closely.


James E. Dunne II

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