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IAPA's Deafening Silence
(International Airline Passengers Association)

In Mr. Goodlin's (Chairman and President of the Burnelli Company) own words here's what transpired:

"In early 1983 I received a phone call from Barbara White, editor of the International Airline Passengers Association First Class magazine. She was very excited as she had seen a Burnelli article on safety features, and, as IAPA intended to campaign for greater airline safety, First Class would like to do a feature story on Burnelli. I told her I was delighted at the news and would be glad to cooperate. In the following two months Barbara and her author must have spent some $2,000 or more on phone calls from Dallas, Texas, to get the article and the artwork finalized. They even sent their photographer over to take a picture for the cover. You will see from the enclosed May 1983 First Class magazine that Barbara and the author did an excellent job. If you will look at the letter from the Chairman of IAPA to its members on Page 5, you will see that he was very pleased and promised to follow-up on-the Burnelli story very closely.

When I eventually saw a copy of the First Class magazine, I was very happy and phoned Barbara. I was told by the party who answered the phone that Barbara White and her staff were no longer employed by IAPA. Furthermore, they would not give me her forwarding address. For years afterwards, as a member of IAPA, I badgered the IAPA to carry out the promise made in the chairman's letter. I learned that Chairman Dunne had also left the organization, and that a new group was in control. Nevertheless, I kept on hounding IAPA, pointing out that airline fatalities were not decreasing, and, indeed, 1996 was a record year. Finally, in 1997, their vice president asked me to write an article for their First Class magazine. I immediately did so and sent it to him in early June 1997. The vice president called and said that the article would appear in the next issue of their First Class magazine. It never happened. This is the article I submitted [Ed.: Mr. Goodlin's article comprised text only]."


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