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Following the truthful and highly complimentary General Hap Arnold letter, Burnelli was invited to enter a design competition for a prototype fighter bomber with a speed guarantee minimum of 420 mph at 25,000 feet. Here's a reproduction of the official results:

War Dept - Air Forces - 1940 Bids Design Competition - C104


Preliminary Data

Engineering & Design Work

Static Tests & powerplant

Engine Installation Tests



Curtiss Wright





30 mos


Douglas 1





30 mos.


Douglas 2





12 mos.


Douglas 3





24 mos







25 mos.










24 mos.










12 mos.





North American





19 mos.





Total w/o Burnelli



Average w/o Burnelli



As you can see, Burnelli's bid was devastating, nearly half of the second lowest bidder and less than one-third of the competitor's average bid. Further, Burnelli outperformed all the rest of all phases of the competition. But instead of being awarded the contract, Burnelli became a target of outrageous political maneuvering which culminated in the issue issuance of deprecations of the Burnelli design from a Board of Review, headed by the infamous General Bennett Myers (later jail for aircraft procurement crimes).

When General Arnold was advised of the Board of Review Report, he refused to repudiate his original recommendation favoring Burnelli. Consequently the matter was moved to his political superior, the Secretary of War, who wrote Burnelli on November 13th, 1941 that his design "does not possess sufficient merit for military purposes to warrant consideration by the War department." This politically induced letter was the ensuing "wartime secret" classification of the 1941 Proceedings of a Board of Review set the stage for the immobilization of the BURNELLI company and the nation's unfortunate commitment to the costly and unsafe conventional airplanes we have today. Hence the biggest ever ripped off of the U.S. taxpayer. [ So as not to be accused of preventing the building of superior Burnelli Aircraft blocked for political reasons beyond his control, General Arnold asked Lt. Col. Hartney to write a report regarding the Burnelli Lifting-Body principle of design in 1943 to show he had done due dilligence .]

Using the above bid results as criteria, the cost of this rip-off (which is ongoing) is at least half of all the money spent on conventional aircraft from 1940 to date! And to this the R&D expenditures unnecessarily made on the numerous variations of conventional designs, plus about 25 percent of all aviation fuel costs or those 40 years. The total is many hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars. Not to be minimized is the extreme and unnecessary loss of life associated with conventional aircraft crashes.


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