Hartney, Harold Evans

Born:  April 19, 1888 in Pakenham, Ontario, Canada


  • School of Practical Science 1906, B.A. 1911, Univ. of Toronto;
  • Barrister University, Saskatchewan, Canada, 1914. 


  • Learned to fly at Norwich, England 1915;
  • military aviator;
  • had logged 1,100 hrs by 1943.

Aviation Business:

  • Organized second & first general manager of N.A.A.
  • Assisted in organizing the National Exchange Clubs (800+ local orgs. in U.S.)
  • Delegate to International Chamber of Commerce on Commercial Aeronatucis, Rome Italy, 1929
  • Technical Adivser for Senate Air Safety Commission, 1935-1938
  • Director of Aviation Section of New York Board of Trade
  • Member Advisory Committee on Aeronatuics, New York World's Fair 1939
  • Technical Adviser for Sikorsky Aviation Corp, General Airways System Inc., Argonauts Inc., Generalair Beacons Inc., Sky Advertising Corp. of America, Aviation Business Bureau Inc., Airport Lighting Inc., Airport Advertising, Inc. Aero Service Pick-Up Cop., Aviation Devleopment & Finance Corp., Air cruisiers Inc., Donaldson Holding Corp, Century Rotary Motor Corp., Seabeacons Inc., Pennsylvania-Central Airlines, Amerian Airship Co.,
  • Consulting Aeronautical Assistant C.A.A. 1938-1940;
  • Consulting Aeronautical Counsel since 1940. 


  • Pvt to Capt. R.F.C. Canada 1915-1917
  • Commanding Officer 27th Aero Squadron, U.S. Army Air Service 1917-1918;
  • Group Commander First Pursuit Group 1918
  • Major 1917
  • Lieutenant Colonel 1919, A.E.F. Chaumont, France
  • chief of training, acting cheif operations, chief of civil affairs, Office of the Air Service, US Army Air Corps 1919-1921;
  • Lieutenant Colonel U.S. Army Air Corps Reserves.


  • Decorations
    • Distinguished Service Cross
    • Silver Star,
    • Order of the Purple Heart,
    • Legion of Honor,
    • Croix de Guerre with Three Palms,
    • Italian Silver Medal for Valor,
    • british War Medal,
    • Aeronautics Club Medal of Honor,
    • McKay Silver Medal for Civilian Flying.
  • Early Birds
  • N.A.A.
  • Aviatiors Post American Legion,
  • Institute of Aeronautical Sciences
  • American Institute,
  • Quiet Birdmen
  • First Reserve Aero Squadron Association, Inc.
  • Executive Committee American Section of the Ligue Internationale de Aviateurs,
  • National Air Pilots Association.


  • Up and At 'Em (co-author George Sutton, Jur.), 1940
  • The Complex Flying Manual, 1940
  • Aircraft Spotters Guide, 1942
  • What the Citizen Should Know About Our Air Forces, 1942

    Source: Who's Who in Aviation, 1943


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