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Flight Safety Foundation

The Flight Safety Foundation is an industry-sponsored non-profit, a public-relations organization which promotes safety within the frame-work of existing technology within the established industry. From the documentation we've seen, the Flight Safety Foundation will not touch the Burnelli airplane with a "ten foot pole". Considering that its members are almost every conceivable airline and all of the major aircraft manufacturers you may draw your own conclusions as to their best interests.

Notable is Flight Safety Foundation's Mr. Enders answer to a letter from Harry Schultz in 1982 - more than a year late - some of the highlights of his answer:

"The Flight Safety Foundation is a private, non-profit organization that works to encourage and foster the exchange of safety experience between the various elements of the aviation community, enhancing and augmenting the various national and private sector institutional safety information systems. Our goal is prevention of accidents through improved understanding of accident-enabling factors."
PREVENTION of accidents is their goal. If the automobile industry had that kind of attitude many many more people would die every year. Crashworthiness is built into cars and prevention is also applied. Why? Accidents happen. An accident is by definition an unforseen event, something that occurs unexpectedly or unintentionally. As long as man hasn't become God, accidents will continue to happen, no matter how careful you may be, an accident is just that: unintentional.

Where is crashworthiness in airplanes?

(See "Crashes CAN Be Harmless" article from Mechanix Illustrated, June 1941, for an excellent discussion on Crashworthiness vs. Prevention)

For a PDF file of the correspondence between the Burnelli Company and the Flight Safety Foundation, click here [ file size=1.11mb ]. top

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