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Via Certified RRR mail #: Z 428 390 062

July 14, 1999

The Hon. William Cohen
Secretary of Defense
Department of Defense
The Pentagon
Washington, D.C. 20301

Dear Secretary Cohen,

Last year, we appealed to you for a Department of Defense correction of the terrible injustice that has been done to our company founder Vincent J. Burnelli and his company as well as the American taxpayer and the travelling public since 1941. Regrettably you passed my appeal to USAF Colonel Jack L. Blackhurst, Associate Deputy Assistant Secretary, (Science, Technology & Engineering). Colonel Blackhurst obviously followed brush-off instructions for no self-respecting professional would write such an insincere, vacuous letter.

Once again, I enclose for your personal perusal a copy of General H.H. Arnold's September 19, 1939 letter of recommendation to the Secretary of War concerning the Burnelli aircraft principle of design and a copy of the conclusions page from a 1941 U.S. Army Air Corps Proceedings of a Board of Review Report. Even you have the technical qualifications to ascertain quickly that the technical asseverations listed on this conclusions page directly contradict the glowing technical recommendations detailed in:

  • General Arnold's September 19, 1939 letter,

  • TD-003 technical report detailing the superiority of the Burnelli Principle of design, prepared by NACA's famed Dr. Max Munk with the help of USAF Chief of Airplane Design for 43 years, Jean Roche, and the well-known aerodynamicist Dr. Alexander Klemin of New York University of March 1943 (enclosed). This report includes the original 1939 Wright-Field report used as a basis for General Arnold's letter of September 19, 1939 to the Secretary of War.

  • the Colonel Harold Hartney report of July 3, 1943 (supplied to General Fogleman)

It is also pertinent that four ex-Wright Field commanding generals and patriotic professionals - Royce, Frank, Knerr and Spaatz - joined the Burnelli Company in the late 50s as unpaid directors in an effort to lend their influence to overcome the conspiracy. They were joined in 1960 by the highly respected Jean Roche, USAF Chief of Airplane design for 43 years.

Further, technological developments since 1941 have conclusively proven that the Burnelli principle of design has always been correct. Confirmation of this is the fact that the Department of Defense has purchased aircraft embracing misappropriated Burnelli technology such as the F-14, F-15, F-22, B-2 and the Aurora. And NASA's latest research with the BWB and the X-33 is further proof that the technical asseverations contained in the 1941 report were totally false and the 1939 Wright-Field report, the 1943 Munk report and the 1943 Hartney report were totally correct.

As though the evidence presented above weren't enough, further conclusive evidence has now appeared on page 49 of the July 12, 1999 issue of Aviation Week and Space Technology which displays an airplane which clearly embraces Burnelli Lifting-Body technology. This advertisement is headed the "TUAV - TRW Sentry Team" which is made up of S-TEC Unmanned Technologies, Inc., Israel Aircraft Industries, and TRW, Inc. Considering the circumstances whereby the Department of Defense has deliberately kept the Burnelli Company prostrate since 1941 by disseminating the technical falsifications regarding Burnelli technology from the 1941 USAAC report, we are outraged to see true Burnelli technology appearing in an aircraft which is obviously being funded by the Department of Defense. It is particularly troubling to see that Israel Aircraft Industries is participating in this TUAV - TRW Sentry Team program and our enclosed letter of this date to the TRW Sentry team, explains why.

Over the past four decades, the Department of Defense has used the 1941 fraudulent document to deny the Burnelli Company its inalienable right to produce its own superior technology, despite numerous and fully documented requests for a retraction of the technical falsifications. These Department of Defense refusals reflect a perpetual restraint of trade and the magnitude of the damages inflicted upon the American taxpayer and the travelling public represent a crime against humanity. Now, it is apparent that the Department of Defense is again funding contractors, which include a foreign company, to steal our superior American Burnelli technology. This despicable D.O.D. treatment of the Burnelli company since 1941 embraces all the ingredients of an evil hate crime. As the Secretary of Defense of the United States of America, isn't it your sworn duty to protect America, Americans and their property?

In light of the above, we demand and expect you to retract the technical falsifications from the 1941 report without further bureaucratic procrastination and to immediately stop funding foreign and American manufacturers who steal Burnelli proprietary technology.

Thank for your prompt action. We look forward to your response.





Chalmers H. Goodlin
Chairman & C.E.O.


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