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Department of Defense Correspondence:

Synopsis - READ ME FIRST!
Overview of the latest DOD correspondence and their complete unwillingness to look at facts.   We are supposed to rely on THESE people to defend our country?  Don't give up your guns, the DOD is in no position to defend you - they can't acknowledge reality!

Burnelli to Secretary Cohen - July 14, 1999 
A letter detailing all of the evidence that proves the 1941 U.S. Army Air Corps Report to be false with the demand that: "In light of the above, we demand and expect you to retract the technical falsifications from the 1941 report without further bureaucratic procrastination and to immediately stop funding foreign and American manufacturers who steal Burnelli proprietary technology. "  

Lt. Col. Paul W. Coutee, USAF (for Cohen) - August 4, 1999
"Our review found no new information that would support your allegations, and provided no new information that could be used as justification for retracting the 1941 U.S. Army Air Corps report concerning Burnelli aircraft designs."  No new information?  Is "used" factual and truthful information no good?

Burnelli to Secretary Cohen - August 27, 1999
"You have repeatedly refused to recognize the facts and the truth .... Therefore I have prepared an affidavit .... the execution of this document should bring to an end the decades of fruitless corresopndence between the Burnelli Company and the Department of Defense."

Burnelli reminder letter to Cohen, October 7, 1999
Secretary Cohen having failed to respond, Mr. Goodlin of the Burnelli Company asks for a response.  As of October 22, 1999 nothing has happened.  More deafening silence.