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Affidavits FAA Inspector Admits Burnelli is suppressed for Political reasons

USAF aircraft competitions rigged

Articles The Burnelli Aerofoil Body
Burnelli Aerofoil Body (The) Technical Article by Dr. M. Watter (advanced article for engineers)

Burnelli's Lifting Fuselages
Aeroplane Monthly series of articles on Burnelli & his planes / a chronology.

Conspiracy against Burnelli
Chalmers H. Goodlin tells the story of the Conspiracy

"Crash-worthy Planes: The Future of Flight"
Professor Cantilli reviews accidents and how to improve survivability

Graphic Comparison
The Burnelli Lifting Body v. the conventional aircraft - Most deaths unnecessary

"Crashes CAN be Harmless"
In 1941, Mechanix Illustrated published this candid, enlightening and RARE article on safety.

Deadly Combination
Engines, Landing-Gear, Fuel Tanks & Tires

FAA Quantifies Cost of Life
Supporter report on how the industry operates w/ regards to safety

"Manchester Tragedy - overview"
Aviation Daily article regarding McDonnell Douglas Lifting Body project

"MCDONNELL Eyes Blended Wing Body Research Aircraft"
Aviation Daily article regarding McDonnell Douglas Lifting Body project

"MEGAPLANES - The New 800-Passenger Jetliners"
Partial reprint of Popular Science April 1995 article expounding of the great advantages of the lifting body

Resurrecting the Burnelli Wing
International Airline Passenger Association's magazine "First Class" issue no 2, 1983 on Burnelli

Saga of the Lifting Body (The)
Flight Magazine, November 1996 article on Burnelli and his Lifting-Bodies.

"Thick Wing Gives Lift"
New York Times, November 23, 1941


Arnold, Henry Harley a.k.a. 'Hap' (General)

Burnelli, Vincent Justus

Burnelli, Vincent Justus (Obituary - East Hampton Star)

Goodlin, Chalmers H.

Hartney, Harold Evans

Klemin, Alexander (Dr.)

Mitchell, William a.k.a. 'Billy' (General)

Munk, Max M. (Dr.)

Pangborn, Clyde Edward

Roche, Jean Alfred

Teichmann, Frederick

Watter, Michael (Dr.)



Department of Defense

Flight Safety Foundation



Smithsonian Institution


Documents Army Air Force - 1941 Report
Proceedings of a Board of Review re: Burnelli

Army Air Force - 1943 Hartney Report
Col. H.E. Hartney report to General H.H. Arnold

Boeing 754
Technical data, history & picture of Boeing 754

BWB (Blended Wing Body)
Origin of the BWB

BWB (Blended Wing Body)
1995 McDonnell Douglas Burnelli press release.

C-104 Competition figures.
Burnelli 'won' C-104 contract but contract was awarded to his competition.

Presidential Farewell Address
President Andrew Jackson's Farewell Address

Presidential Farewell Address
President Dwight D. Eisenhower's Farewell Address

Signed statement to P. Chapman by Dr. Klemin et al.
A number of well-known people in aviation signed a statement regarding Burnelli 1939.

TD-003 Max Munk Report
Detailed report comparing conventional aircraft w/ lifting body design [6.4 MB]

US Army Transportation Material Command
A comparative Evaluation of Medium Transport Aircraft 1961[3 MB PDF]

US Congress - House Record
Aviation cartel - complete record (10 pages) [2 MB PDF]

US Congress - House Record
Aviation cartel - partial record (1 page) [264 K PDF]

US Congress - House Record
Media [490K PDF]

Menus Engines, Landing-Gear, Fuel Tanks & Tires articles 

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Pictures A Chronological overview of Burnelli Aircraft
(Part 1)

A Chronological overview of Burnelli Aircraft - Designs
(Part 2)

NACA 1937 Wind-Tunnel Model pictures
NACA pictures of Burnelli model used in 1937 wind-tunnel work.

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Quotes What the Experts Have Said
Misc. Quotes by top experts in their fields

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Misc. Quotes by the Establishment