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Today's design choices = limited chances of surviving a crash
Most Aircraft Deaths Unnecessary (continued)

In case the landing gear of a conventional jet collapses during a landing or a crash, the aircraft is going down the runway on its belly. With the engines and landing gear in direct line with the fuel spill from the wings or center tank rupture, ignition is only a matter of time. Even with an additive to suppress fires, the Edwards AFB BOEING 720 staged crash yielded catastrophic results. See also the multiple pictures of crashes, particularly in "Crash-worthy Planes: The Future of Flight"
"When the cabin of a plane stays
in one piece the passengers stand
a chance in any crash."

--"Crashes CAN Be Harmless" Mechanix Illustrated, June 1941

Can 15% of fuselage structure do an adequate job of protecting passengers in case of a crash? You be the judge. Read "Crash-worthy Planes: The Future of Flight".
A 1935 crash demonstrated the crashworthiness of Burnelli aircraft. Strong cabins protect passengers. (see UB-14 Crash Report by Test Pilot Lou Reichers)


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