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The Carisi Report

Carisi Product Design, made the following report about the Burnelli CBY-3 on 8/21/54 (three years before - as NASA claims - NASA's own Mr. Eggers "conceived" of the idea of the Lifting Body).

Vincent Carisi prepared the report and he states in part:

"Study was made on the basis of production drawings and physical inspection of the aircraft as well as from personal familiarity with the configuration extending over the past 15 years or more."
    "4. Conclusions:
    4.1 Lofting of this configuration can be accomplished at 1/3 the cost for a conventional configuration.

    4.2 Capital equipment needs are half those necessary for building a conventional airplane.

    4.3 Man-hour requirements are less than half of requirements for a conventional structure.

It should be pointed out that the above conclusions are made on a "per pound of airframe" basis. The CBY-3 has a lower empty weight than any current aircraft of equivalent capacity."
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