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April 4, 1963

In reply refer to:


Mr. Chalmers H. Goodlin
Burnelli Avionics Corporation
P.O. Box 4178
Grand Central Station
New York 17, New York

Dear Mr. Goodlin:

Your letter of March 20, 1963, indicates that you have been advised that the Boeing entry in the TFX competition is a violation of Burnelli "proprietary and/or patent rights".

Inasmuch as Boeing is not to build the TFX, the question is academic. However, we point out that:

  1. Boeing has had no access to any Burnelli proprietary information.

  2. If any patent were to be infringed by any TFX airplane built for the Government, the patent owner's remedy would be suit against the United States, not the contractor.

Very truly yours,



Glenn Orlob
Patent Administrator


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