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August 10, 1995

Office of the Associate General Counsel
(Intellectual Property)
Mail Code GP
NASA Headquarters
Washington, D. C. 20546

Dear Sirs:

Attached please find a copy of my letter to Mr. Goldin dated March 29, 1995 and NASA's response from Mr. Whitehead dated May 5, 1995.

We are rather surprised that NASA did not notify the Burnelli Company directly with regard to the NASA research announcement 94-A-2 of January 28, 1994 in view of the fact that the subject matter was quite clearly dealing with a Burnelli proprietary item, a lifting body jet-powered vehicle. You have already received photographic evidence showing that the NASA-funded Douglas Megajet is but a clone of the 1951 Burnelli model which sits on my desk. Furthermore, I herewith enclose U. S. Patent #2,586,299 which was filed by Mr. Burnelli on September 11, 1945. In fact, this patent was referred to on Page 77 in the Stenographic Transcript of the NASA inventions and Contributions Board In the Matter of Vincent J. Burnelli, dated July 13, 1966 at Washington, D. C. This shows that NASA was fully aware of Burnelli's proprietary, patent and intellectual property rights position in the jet-powered lifting body field. NASA furthermore has a complete library of the NACA wind tunnel tests done on Burnelli airplanes during the 1930's and 1940's as well as those carried out by New York University. I might recommend that the NASA personnel dealing with the Burnelli matter at present, take the time to read the transcript mentioned above and particularly the interview with the highly respected Mr. Jean Roch*, for 43 years the chief of airplane design at Wright and Langley fields for the U. S. Army Signal Corps, the U. S. Army Air Corps, and the U.S.A.F.

We would be most agreeable to negotiate a license agreement for the use of Burnelli rights by NASA and we would welcome a draft proposal in this regard from your goodselves. Over the years we have repeatedly offered to license our rights to the Establishment manufacturers. In the case of Douglas with regard to the subject megajet, I am still awaiting a response to two letters to Mr. John McDonnell, dated March 14 and March 29, 1995 (copies enclosed) in which I suggested a license agreement between our two companies , but to date no response has been received.

So that NASA gets the Burnelli Company's position into proper perspective, I am enclosing herewith a copy of recent correspondence with the Department of Defense, for your perusal.

Thank you for your interest in the Burnelli Company

Sincerely yours,



Chairman and President

Correspondence is listed in Chronological order
March 29, 1995 to present day (1 - 33)
(All correspondence since March 29, 1995 is present)

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4. Aug. 31, 1995-NASA response 5. Sept. 6, 1995-Burnelli responds to NASA Sr. Patent Atty 6. Sep. 20, 1995-Burnelli to NASA re: lifting body research project
7. Sept. 21, 1995-NASA says "the patent expired" 8. Sep. 27, 1995-Burnelli to NASA Counsel, "..when criminal conspiracy is involved.." 9. Oct. 3, 1995-NASA Gnl Counsel, "..I am not your attorney.."
10. Oct 3, 1995-Burnelli to NASA, "..outrageous bureaucratic tyranny.." 11. Oct 6, 1995-BURNELLI submits reports and tests to NASA 12. Nov. 2, 1995, Burnelli, "..may I have a response.."
13. June 27, 1996 Burnelli claims NASA is refusing to acknowledge 14. July 3, 1996 - NASA: "We will not consider taking licence".. 15. July 9, 1996 Burnelli, presents Lockheed correspondence
16. Aug 12, 1996 Burnelli presents Flight magazine article 17. Aug 27, 1996 - NASA Gen'l Counsel requests past correspondence-lost 18. Sept 3, 1996 Burnelli, " ..appeal to you, correct a grave injustice.."
19. Sept 6, 1996 NASA: "..we have no record of your letter.." 20. Sept 24, 1996 - Burnelli: "..all aircraft mfr's recognized Burnelli importance in mid-30's" 21. Sept 25, 1996 NASA: "..Burnelli did not submit a proposal.."
22. Oct 7, 1996 Burnelli: "..NASA, you have deferred our correspondence.." 23. Oct 11, 1996 - Burnelli: "..internet NASA FACT is a lie.." 24. Oct 28, 1996 NASA: "..we will continue to disagree.."
25. Dec 9, 1996 Burnelli: "..NASA, you have repudiated your obligations.." 26. Jun 10, 1965 - Jean A. Roche', Head Aeronautician Engr./Tech. Advisor, US Army Air Forces 27. Jan 13, 1997 BURNELLI: "..we have not received answers to our letters.."
28. Jan 29, 1997 BURNELLI: .."we request that NASA provide no further funding to BWB project.." 29. Feb 10, 1997 BURNELLI: ..Smithsonian article quote:.."the first to touch on the concept was Vincent Burnelli.. " 30. Feb 20, 1997 - NASA: .."considers this matter closed.."
31. Sep. 4, 1995 AVIATION DAILY article .."McDonnell eyes blended wing body research.." 32. Feb 5, 1986 MIAMI HERALD: " NASA behind the times" 33. CARISI Report

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