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On July 24, 1961, the Air Line Pilots Association, wrote a letter to the F.A.A., it read as follows:

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spacerJuly 24, 1961

Mr. Joseph D. Blatt, Director
Bureau of Research & Development
Federal Aviation Agency
Washington 25, D.C.

Dear Mr. Blatt:

The advent of the UAL DC-8 accident in Denver has again highlighted, among other things, the need for development of high lift devices and other means which would enable transport aircraft to take off and land slower.

We believe that much of the damage incurred by the DC-8 in Denver was due to the high kinetic energy which is a product of speed and mass. If the plane had a slower landing speed, we believe the damage would have been reduced and possibly a fire would not have occurred, or would have been smaller and easier to subdue or control.

This Association conducts evaluations of new air line aircraft and in this regard, we have had the opportunity of doing some design and flight evaluation of an airplane which approaches the flying wing design concept. We refer to the Burnelli transport. We were favorably impressed with its design features, which permit slow flight with high gross weight, considering the low horsepower. The design of the airplane also permits considerable inflight inspection of the control system, power plants, and landing gear. The advantage of this is obvious from a safety standpoint.

Knowing that your Bureau is working on many projects relating to increasing the safety and efficiency of aircraft, we respectfully request that the FAA include some studies for aircraft design which would embody low take off and landing speeds and still permit economical operation. We believe the Burnelli type design has these features and an up-date version of the airplane should be considered. The presently flying airplane does not have the advantages of modern air foil-flap combination, structural material, etc., including the advantages of turboprop or straight jet power plant installations.

Our interest in designing airplanes featuring low take off and landing speeds is further illustrated in the attached copy of ALPA's paper prepared for the IATA supersonic transport meeting and entitled "Areas for Early Consideration in the Development of Supersonic Transports."

We would greatly appreciate your comments in regard to the contents of this letter.

Best personal regards,

Sincerely yours


Theo. G. Linnert, Head
Engineering & Air Safety Dept.

cc: J. Pyle, FAA
N.L. Falaby, FAA
... unreadable....
H.D. Hoektra, FAA
E.S. Boswortgh, FAA

For a PDF of the ALPA correspondence, click here [file size=1.4mb]
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