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Evidence of Suppression and Official denial is overwhelming
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The following is the conclusions page from the fraudulent report contrived to reverse the excellent recommendations to the Secretary of War by General Arnold on September 19, 1939.
Conclusions from the
US Army Air Corps
"Proceedings of a
Board of Review" Report,
Dated October 16, 1941

Until Congressman Flood managed to get a copy of this document in 1961 it had been classified. This report alleges:
[Our comments in brackets]

    "1. The Evaluation Committee whose proceedings were reviewed the board have found:
    a. That the Burnelli 'lifting fuselage' design does not offer sufficient new or novel ideas of military value to warrant the construction of experimental or production airplanes.
    [Untrue: see item 3, 5, & 6 of General H. H. Arnold September 19, 1939 report and the F-14, F-15, F-22, F-117, B-2 and X-33]

    b. That the principal aerodynamic benefits claimed by V.J. Burnelli have been achieved on present experimental and production airplanes through the use of properly shaped streamlined bodies upon which low drag rather than high lift has been emphasized.
    [Untrue. See item 1, 2 & 4 of General H. H. Arnold September 19, 1939 report]

    c. That the Burnelli emphasis upon the "lifting fuselage' is not in accordance with best aeronautical practice based upon best aerodynamic information, since such a fuselage has a relatively low critical speed which definitely limits the future development of this type of airplane.
    [Untrue or the F-14, F-15, F-22, and the B-2 would never have been built.]

    d. That neither V.J. Burnelli Airplanes, Inc., nor the Central Aircraft Corporation now possess an engineering staff or a production organization capable of reducing to practice, within a reasonable time, any designs, including the so-called 'lifting-fuselage' type, as an experimental prototype or of putting such a design, or any one of its various modifications, into production.
    [Totally absurd! The McDonnell Aircraft Company required no background and was provided a government owned factory in which to perform his government contracts.]

    Recommendations of this Committee comprising four officers of the Air Corps, hereinafter listed, are:

    The Committee recommends that the Air Corps inform both the Central Aircraft Corporation and V.J. Burnelli Airplanes, Inc., and any other concern which may later possible become interested in the Burnelli 'lifting fuselage', that this design is of no interest to the Air Corps and that for this reason, no further correspondence, consultations, or reviewing of data embodying this design will ever again be considered by the Air Corps or the Materiel Division.
    [Why "ever again"? They are saying they'll never do business with Burnelli or anyone who associates with Burnelli. However, they have since given contracts to Burnelli competitors to build aircraft which are strikingly similar to the one's Burnelli offered the Pentagon in the 1940s and 1950s such as the F-14, F-15, the B-2 and the BWB.]
Edward Z. Bogart, Lt. Col., Air Corps,
Franklin C. Wolfe, Major, Air Corps,
Roscoe C. Wilson, Major, Air Corps,
George F. Smith, Major, Air Corps


[Since the 1941 report (above) was uncovered, the Burnelli Company has repeatedly requested the Pentagon to retract the technical falsifications listed above but the Pentagon, to date, has repeatedly refused. In view of the conclusive and abundant evidence ... WHY?]


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