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This web site is made available as a public service; it is dedicated to making flying safer by at first shining a spotlight on the evidence of corruption and moral turpitude which runs rampant amongst the people and organizations who currently control aviation. May we succeed in liberating ourselves from those who attempt to control us (and kill some of us) through outdated technology. Please help by telling your friends about what you learn at this site.


Who we are

This web-site was put together and placed on the web by the Burnelli Supporters Association, an association of people dedicated not only to safety in air-travel but also dedicated to exposing the truth with regards to crimes committed against the American People --something the mainstream media usually avoids.

You too can join. Send us an email, tell us what you are willing or how you can contribute, you can even email us anonymously if you like ... . If you send us your snail mail address we'll send you some business cards to hand-out to your friends, acquaintances and most important, airline flight crews -- they're the most at risk.


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This web-site is constantly being improved upon, addition are usually made on a monthly or bi-monthly basis, however it could be more often, everything on this site should be in good working order. Please report any problems to the web-master at:


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Our e-mail address for comments or questions is . Please allow time for us to answer - we're swamped.





Those who've contributed many hours of their time to make this site beautiful and ensure that you could navigate it with ease but declined any recognition are to be commended and thanked for their hard work and dedication. (You know who you are.)

Thanks to Chalmers H. Goodlin, of the Burnelli Company, for not only opening his files to us but also for providing all the information necessary to put this web-site together. Our indebtedness to Mr. Goodlin is for his persistence over the last fifty years, in pursuing the criminals who've denied the public a safe means of flying because it suited/suits their interests better.