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800 Title

TWA Flight #800 - The Story

Synopsis & Overview of documentation [READ ME FIRST!]
Letter to the Editor - Burnelli to Herald Tribune
Herald Tribune article prompting Letter to the Editor
Letter to the NTSB Vice Chairman, Robert Francis, July 1996
Further & Reminder Letters to NTSB V.C. Robert Francis through June 1997
Letter from NTSB Vice-Chairman Francis Special Counsel

Tire Failures / Fuselage Damage / Fires

Parts Failure Seen in Mexican Crash - New York Times, April 14, 1986
Tire Blamed in Mexico Crash - New York Times, May 23, 1986
The Achilles heel of the big jets, Sunday Times - Jan.1983
Danger Aloft, Wall Street Journal - November 1979
NBC Dateline testimony - August 14, 1996
Jidda DC-8 crash - Aviation Week (AWST) July 1991
747 Crosses Pacific with Hole in Body - Herald Tribune Oct. 95
Photo-comparison Pan Am Clipper #99 vs. Flight 800

Other Articles

TWA-800 "Short Memory" - Transport Aircraft Technical Services Co. Newsletter, Aug. 22, 2000
Fuel Tank Suspect - Herald Tribune August 1996
Jury: Aircraft firm made false claims - Miami Herald / February 1, 1986
French Hear U.S. Officials Say Little New About Crash - Herald Tribune 9/96
Media 101 / The How and Why of the DisInformation Age